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There is no grand monarchy among witches. There are numerous covens, with numerous beliefs, scattered throughout the world. Some are larger, some are smaller. Some are more powerful, and some are weaker. Some only allow true, born Witches in, and some are open to all. Some are full of dark, some of White, and some do not identify with either.


Witches believe in Balance and Harmony... for the most part. Each coven governs itself and there is no King or Queen, though each coven has its leader and may have their own title or name for him or her, and the hierarchy in each coven may differ from region to region or coven to coven.


For our game, there is no coven in or around Denver City right now. 

​​The Salem Coven (NPC)


Founded by those who left the original coven, the Salem coven began in Salem, Mass. They are mainly dark witches, embittered by their tragic past. They now reside in New Orleans, LA, and are led by the Supreme. The coven sided with the confederacy and owned slaves. Their headquarters is a massive plantation property.

The leader of the coven is the Supreme, who is usually a woman. There are male warlocks in the coven, of course, but by tradition and in honor of those women killed at the Salem witch trials, the leader will always be a woman. They're not magically chosen but by votes. The current Supreme is the grandmere of the Delvaux family. The title doesn't stay in one family, however....unless the voting gets rigged. 

The Salem Coven is racist and views those of Voodoo or Hoodoo beneath them. They have tentative peace with other covens, which are light. The Civil War definitely sparked animosity that still lingers. 

The Salem coven practices necromancy, seances, and sacrifices, which usually involve animals. However, they are not against human sacrifices, especially that of enemies. They celebrate death, spirits, and the afterlife. To them funerals are celebrations of power, as they draw their strength from passed coven members in particular. A tragic death releases the greatest power. Despite this, the coven doesn't consider themselves evil. They mourn their dead and respect them. They simply believe grieving in a traditional way is not optimistic or productive. Neither do they themselves hope for death. They each die when they are meant to. They are of the mantra - "Birth releases the greatest amount of magic into the world, and so does death."

Tribal Covens (NPC)

Although most were pushed out of the territory, some members of the Kiowa, Comanche, Arapaho, and Cheyenne remain at a cautious distance from Denver City. Some still practice their traditions, but their groups are small.

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