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Want to join?

Before you do, please read the rules.
Thoroughly explore the pages on our world, characters, species, etc. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask the mods. 

Click LOG IN on the right of the navigation bar and you will get a SIGN UP popup. Fill out the form and you will get a message that says "thank you for submitting!"


We will receive your filled out form. Once we accept you, you will be allowed to see the members-only board threads. You will have two weeks to get your characters submitted for role play. If you stay longer without submitting or at least speaking to us, your membership will be revoked.

We will send you an invite to the Google Group where in character role-play is conducted. 


Download the character application and the player application. Once you have completed both, please post your character application on the character submission thread to get approval. Post your player application on your member profile page. To go there, look beside the navigation once you're logged in.


Please note that we are open to discussions of your character(s) and absolutely any questions. If you have discussion ideas regarding any of the characters already on the lists (have IC affiliation ideas), or anything pertaining to the mythos, or the listed businesses (IC affiliations ideas)--anything at all--please let us know!


During these two weeks, you can hang out, even if you haven't submitted your character profile(s), and check the place out, the postings, meet the members, etc. Visit the OOC discussion thread and introduce yourself. If you would like to take these two weeks to get acquainted with the group before posting, feel free to let us know your plans! This will help you get involved.


As always, if you ever need a question answered, or need assistance with anything game-related, feel free to ask below. Most members also use google hangouts to text chat. If you would like, we will be more than happy to send you an invite to the group chat!


When your characters are approved, they will be posted to the character page. Once you start writing with us, we will make you a "blog editor" which means you will be able to edit your character(s) pages any time you wish. Add pictures, edit or update information. Go nuts! Of course, don't edit anyone else's characters without their permission.



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