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Map of the land

The governor of Colorado Territory is Edward M. McCook, who serves from 1869 – 1873. 
The mayor is John Harper. He happens to own the local hardware store.
And newly appointed vampire Baron Nikolai Orlov serves the vampires of Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. The first baron of Colorado Territory, he has yet to appoint Lairds beneath him, but Duke Arnaud d'Aubigné already has great plans for his lands. There is little that Queen Iovita Moraitis can do as she is busy running the rest of the country, trying to establish peace among vampires. Arnaud's actions, however, don't seem to align with that of his Queen. 
Maxwell Greene, Rex of the nearest werewolf pack, is wary, as they reside east of Denver City in the mountains. The vampires say that their declared land is only to govern their own kind, and yet why do the wolves feel like they are being pushed out? Tensions between the species mount. Some expect war in the near future. All the while, humans live blissfully unaware.
Below are views of the entire territory and close-ups of the counties and "claimed" lands.
Red outlines the vampire government
Blue is were territory
Orange focuses on the city
Town Map

(Updated as game progresses)

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