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Plotting and Requests

*requests by writers


*Salem Witch Coven, located in New Orleans

New witches 

-- Could come in search of Valeria Delvaux, or simply following her/leaving coven too

In general new witches

-- Local

-- Newcomers from other covens, or wayward witches

-- any genders, nationalities, cultures

-- Possible group of witches come to usurp town’s authority, not allied with The Truce


None currently in game

Denver Pack Members

-- Related to current weres

-- Or not

-- Born and bitten

Refer to Pack Member Page


-- More shifters can enter the game


From anywhere

-- On the side of Queen Iovita, independent, or allied with Duke Arnaud

-- Newly turned vampires

-- **A vampire once sired by Nikolai Orlov

-- any gender, age, nationality

-- history will be incorporated

--*More former entanglements of Eve

Refer to Vampire Rule Member Page


From anywhere

-- From Boston where “headquarters are”, or from other places

-- Set on helping Denver hunters, independent, or with different agenda

Law Enforcement

-- Serious law enforcement agents come to town

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