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Amelia FitzWilliam

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Player Info

Player Name: Elena

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Character Basics

Name: Amelia Giselle FitzWilliam

Nickname(s): None

Rank/Title: None

Actual Age: Unknown

Age of appearance: late twenties, early thirties

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Reading, United Kingdom

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Religion: Satanism

Chronic Diseases: Being Damned

Allergies: Holy objects, iron, devils traps, etc

Physical Description

Height: 5'6"

Eye Color: Pale blue

Hair Color/Style: Long blonde, usually styled up

Other: A strange burn on her arm, looks like a circle

Play-By Used: Natalie Dormer


Amelia first appears as a gentle lady: polite, kind, soft-spoken, and spoken well. She exudes propriety, good station, and general good upbringing. She is very smart. After all, she's an accountant. Gracious of the fact that Mr. Orlov hired her, she is anything but greedy. She is diligent in her work and will always be honest. She wouldn't dare to fudge the books.

Species: Demon who is possessing human

Affiliation: Unknown

Strengths: Stealth, evasion, deception, strengths that demons have

Weaknesses: Guillible humans, intriguing women, conversation and drugs. Of course all the weaknesses that demons have. And she is in a meat suit so...

Background History

It began five years ago. Yes five. That's how long Amelia has been gone. She didn't die at first. When the black smoke first suffocated her, entering her body one night, she was kept alive. She could not do a thing while the demon controlled her. She could only watch in horror. The first time she killed a mere week later without being able to stop herself, Amelia couldn't stop seeing the blood, even when it wasn't there. Staring at herself in the mirror, all done up, no trace of murder on her after, she could do nothing as her reflection smiled devilishly back at her. The man who had died was a shady fellow. He had said something leud to her on a street corner. She didn't think he deserved to die, however. No one did. She would've just ignored him.

The demon didn't like her husband either. Their relationship had staled without children during a span of four years. Nevertheless, Amelia didn't hate him. He was simply absorbed in his work. For some reason, the lack of attention pissed the demon off, so it killed him too one night. All the while, her hands around his throat, Amelia could only watch. Somehow, the authorities didn't suspect her. The demon made it seem like a robbery. The pain that the devil spawn inflicted on her came in the form of a jewelry box against the head--to make it seem like she too was hurt by the assailant. Her world turned dark. When she awoke, her mouth was spewing lies to the police. Her husband was found dead. She'd remained alive by hiding in the closet under the stairs.

For a year, the demon used her body while she grieved, left a widow in the prison of her own mind. Due to her husband's death, she was left with a sizable amount of money. The demon spent it all. There was spending, parties, sex, and more murder. Like with the very first man, the demon smote anyone who crossed her. It was not afraid to parade Amelia's body at night, unafraid to walk through seedy areas of London, even enter houses of ill repute and drug dens.

There were also deals that were made. The demon never forgot those. Wherever it took her, it struck a bargain here and there. And the awful part was that these bargains sounded like an innocent conversation, beginning with the question what is it that you truly desire most? Solidified with a kiss, with a man or woman. Amelia quickly realized that the demon was collecting. That was its primary job. Amelia herself was just the ride.

It was almost two years when hunters caught wind of the demon. It was a blessing in disguise to be caught. Fortunately, the hunters shot her. Amelia felt the chain break with that single bullet and watched herself, her body that was left, fall to the ground, lifeless. Amelia saw the blessed light when she looked up at the sky. Unfortunately for the hunters, the demon escaped. Later, it came back for the body, which healed from the renewed essence of life, damned though it might have been. The demon once more became Amelia. Though this time, it had no extra passenger.

Making a quick escape, new Amelia gathered as much of her belongings as she could and boarded a boat that took her took her across the ocean to America. For the three years, she went from city to city, collecting souls and having a bloody good time while she was at it. London taught her to be more careful, and so she evaded hunters this time.

What drew her to the west, to Colorado, was the inexplicable supernatural pull that Denver City had. Something about lei lines. Amelia didn't care about the details. It was a hotbed of supernatural activity, but also had a pull with humans. So many of them seeking new lives, populating the towns, with hopes and dreams. And there would be little ole Amelia to help them achieve them. With a price of course. But all things came with prices.

Under the front of an accountant and a damn good one at that, with forged references, Amelia answered the call for one at Hotel Scarlett, and Mr. Orlov hired her. He seemed to be quite progressive with his thinking, hiring a woman. Amelia was only grateful and arrived in Denver with the prettiest smile for their sore eyes.

Other: Amelia is solo. She lives by her own whims as long as she does her job. She has no concrete plans. Truth be told, every minute of being on earth is a blessing. Hell is a truly awful place and she has no desire to go back there. How old is she really? That's her secret, but she might be as old as some vampires in town. With no real agenda while being around them, she'll even use them as pawns if she wishes.


Accountant at Hotel Scarlett

Living Situation

Address: Boarding house

Lived There Since:

Lives With:




Likes: All vices, all sins. Being human.

Dislikes: Hunters, men who have ulterior motives, especially to her. Prudes, party-poopers, law enforcement.

Hobbies: Human watching, finding victims, killing on occasion. Participating in human dens of sin

Can usually be found: Everywhere, especially seedy areas after hours

Favorite Color: Rich dark colors

Favorite Food: Rich, expensive foods

Favorite Drink: Alcohol

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Wine, gin, vodka, whiskey, any

Favorite Music: Lively music, or sensual

Favorite Read: The book she signed her name in long ago

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