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Arnaud d'Aubigné

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Name: Arnaud d'Aubigné

Nickname(s): None

Rank/Title: Duke of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming Territories

Actual Age: 1,029

Age of appearance: Mid 50s

Date of Birth: Winter 843

Place of Birth: Northern France

Marital Status: Ambiguous

Sexual Orientation: Ambiguous; has been with women and men; and for some decades abstained. He likes who he likes and does whatever, whoever, he wants.

Religion: Ambiguous; was Catholic way back when

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: Sun

Height: 5'10"

Eye Color: Medium Blue

Hair Color/Style: Receding Hairline; light brown with gray; presently a clean, crisp mustache and mutton chops

Clothing Style: Like most vampires, preferring dark colors, the best of the best; expensive suits, shoes, etc.

Other: Arnaud is a strong vampire, having turned in his prime--what he likes to call his prime. He isn't tall, nor does he have a wide build, but his age gives him physical power. The naturally narrowed set of his brows and eyes make him look intimidating and even downright frightening to some. His gaze is always steady, unfaltering, and some piss their pants just by having a staring contest with him. His smiles are also terrifying--wide, toothy, and most of the time are mad.

Play-By Used: Hugo Weaving


Arnaud is a man with power over three territories; however, residing in Wyoming for almost fifteen years has proved that he enjoys the great plains and Rockies very much. Even though he is not human, he has very human traits to the extreme. He is gluttonous, lustful, greedy, prideful and is capable of extreme wrath if provoked. He is not envious, for he gets mostly anything he wants. However, he does want more in his life, such as power. Being Duke is great, but Arnaud wouldn't mind at all to be king.

Regarding this, he wholly disagrees with Vita, who has become a ridiculous self-deprecating pacifist. In his mind, she is an embarrassment for vampire kind and even a traitor regarding her allegiances. Arnaud thinks that vampires are at the top of the food chain, have their rightful place up there, and humans are simply food. It's difficult, of course, to profess that entirely, for he could get removed from position. So he assuages Vita's suspicion of him by following her orders and what is expected of him just enough to get away with his own agenda.

Arnaud shares Victoria Bennett's beliefs, allowing her to do whatever she wants on his land, as long he gets his part of course, and together they are perfect masterminds. But Arnaud senses Vita's growing distrust of him regardless, and he feels soon everything will come out of the woodworks. However, that's not a bad thing. Maybe he can overthrow Vita.

Species: Vampire

Affiliation: Vampire Government of America

Blood Preferences: Live human, preferably thrashing.

Strengths: Determined, strategist, confident, powerful, persistent.

Weaknesses: Ruthless, merciless, cruel.


Arnaud was born in Northern France after Charlemagne's death, during a time when Charlemagne's land was being divided. What was once a thriving empire was falling apart because of infighting. Arnaud was a lord who was loyal to Odo of France, King at that time; however, Arnaud was a ruthless lord and reigned over his land with an iron fist. Perhaps it had to do to a rough, abusive childhood. He had no children, and his wife had died from sickness. Perhaps it was her death that made him cold and merciless. But Arnaud had many lovers after her, both men and women. He was known to be vicious even in bed, and punished cruelly those who broke the law in his land.

By 885, the Vikings began to attack. They tried to take over Paris. Arnaud participated in defending his country. He was wounded severely during the battle at Montfaucon, which was in the North East, even though the French had won the fight. And that very night, he was supposed to die. He ordered his closest men to leave him alone, but they refused.

In the night, his men were attacked and killed by something monstrous.  A mysterious young Viking boy appeared and introduced himself as "the Angel of Death" to the dying Lord. Having witnessed Arnaud's strength in the battle, and his unrelenting nature, the 800-year-old vampire Erik offered him immortality through life as a vampire. When Arnaud asked what he would get out of it, Erik said "new life," and "a great power" undreamt of before, only possible for an immortal. With the lust for power for which he was renowned, Arnaud agreed and Erik turned him.

He and Erik lived as father and son, brother, and lovers, too. They swept through Europe, surviving, taking no mercy. Erik taught Arnaud everything he knew, taught him true vampire nature, what was true in Erik's eyes, and this became so in Arnaud's. They were predators, and humans were sheep. Werewolves were scum--dogs. Witches were a delicacy. Vampires were superior to all of them. With this sort of mentality, they led 800 more years together, building fortunes, living as Lords for a time, covering as father and son. Arnaud had other lovers too, particular human women he'd ravage and then kill. They also killed a lot of hunters together, and for generations were known to the human warriors as prime targets. However, hunters were never able to catch them.

In the 17th century, they lived for a long time in England, during a plague outbreak, serving as lords under King Charles II, and took advantage of the times and the death. It was easy killing. Sickness didn't bother vampires, even when they ingested it.

During the beginning of the 18th century, Arnaud and Erik began to live apart, but only to have their own "adventures" so to speak. Erik often returned to his Scandinavia. Arnaud liked to remain around France. He participated in many witch hunts. In fact, it was a sort of sport that he liked. With all of Europe going mad regarding the subject, suspicious, Arnaud took advantage. He participated in many executions, often taking role as executioner himself in order to get to the blood. Of course, not every "witch" was a true witch, but the real ones were found nonetheless.

The witch hunts decreased their numbers dramatically and vampires such as him didn't help.

Then, Arnaud followed the hunts to North America, where Salem's paranoia was in full swing. Also, witches seemed to have sought refuge in the new lands. And not to mention, there were Algonquian-speaking tribes with shamans that were tasty. But Arnaud didn't concentrate solely on the witch hunts. Again, it was a sport to him. He'd sought to establish himself in the Colonies, and participated in fights with Indians, during which he slaughtered many. He'd even become a member of the Charter colony of Massachusetts, the colony government.

During the beginning of the 18th century, Arnaud had calmed with his pursuit of witches and settled in Louisiana, where he'd acquired a taste for the voodoo population; however, as it seemed to be abundant, the man ate them infrequently. He had to stay low, having made several mistakes of his own during his journey south, almost being caught by humans during savage feedings. Arnaud enjoyed the plantation life for a long while, climbing easily through society, and owned a cotton plantation of his own. However, not liking the heat, he was often absent. Rumors grew around the slaves regarding their big boss. Arnaud snagged a few pretty young black men and women, essentially ending their slavery, yet keeping them in his luxurious abode for a time as 'pets'.

He got an itch to lead a state, but all the states were taken. When Utah was up for grabs, he professed his interest in it to the former vampire King. As they were close friends and similar in mindset, Arnaud easily got his wish. In 1850, he was appointed as Duke of Utah Territory. Then in 1861, Arnaud got Wyoming Territory, and in 1868, Colorado Territory was added. When Iovita became the new Queen in 1869, he could no longer collect territories. Iovita was on the other side of the vampire political spectrum. The old King was banished for treasonous accusations, so Arnaud was forced to downplay their former friendship.

Presently, Arnaud is scheming with Victoria on how to change things within their Government. He has a "Vineyard" with her in the Colorado mountains where they keep a stock of humans and other species and make a profit.


Duke of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming Territories

Likes: The thrill of being a predator; thrashing sheep (humans); beautiful women (preferably human, whom he can eat); gambling; drinking aged scotch; the wilderness at night; vicious sex; delicate, hard to get women; beautiful young men, too; extravagance; expensive cowboy boots; BDSM; being dominant

Dislikes: Disobedient humans, pacifist vampires; werewolves; hunters; human government; Obama; hillbillies; humans who are too smart for their own good; resistance

Hobbies: Partaking in Victoria's collection; gambling; partaking in brothels; collecting various expensive things (like most vampires)

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