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Celeste Orlov

Player Info

Player Name: Abbey

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Character Basics

Name: Celeste ‘Orlov’

Nickname(s): Ceecee

Rank/Title: Baron’s Ward

Actual Age: 176

Age of appearance: 8

Date of Birth: December 20th 1696

Place of Birth: London England

Marital Status: Unmarried

Sexual Orientation: N/A

Religion: Technically Anglican

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: Sun

Physical Description

Height: 4’

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color/Style: Blonde and in loose curls that go to just below her shoulders

Other: pierced ears

Celeste is a slender child, with delicate features. Her face still has the roundness that many children have until they reach puberty. But hers will never diminish. Her soft blonde hair goes below her shoulders and it is often loosely curled. Her eyes are a dark hazel color. Her nose has an impish uptilt and her front teeth are slightly too big for her mouth with a tiny gap, giving her an adorable chipmunk look.

Clothing Style: She wears dresses to please Nikolai and to put forward the proper image… But she has been known to sneak trousers when she can.

Play-By Used: Sofia Rosinsky


Celeste is a typical child… That has been alive for nearly two centuries and has abilities that most don’t. She is impulsive and rash, often acting without thinking her actions through completely. She can be easily distracted but is surprisingly intelligent. Decades of reading and studies have ensured that she is knowledgeable, but a lack of wisdom and temperance clouds her judgement. Forgetful at times, she still is as attentive as she can be. Particularly when it is Nikolai speaking to her. In fact, he is one of the few that she listens to without any hesitation. She eagerly wishes to please him, which flavors many of her actions and likes/dislikes.

Species: Vampire

Affiliation: Vampire Government of America

Blood Preferences: Anything she can get her hands on

Strengths: Loves to read and study, giving her book smarts. Her innocent appearance allows her a lot of invisibility when it comes to being a predator. Her art and skill with the violin are exemplary

Weaknesses: Impulsive and careless, she is also naive. She is also not as strong as other vampires purely due to the fact she is in a child’s body

Background History

Celeste was born to a simple family in Renaissance era London England. Her parents were not rich… Nor were they destitute. They had just enough to keep her healthy and happy. And she was. For 7 years, she lived the normal life of a human child. Playing with her siblings and learning how to be a lady.

That all changed on her 7th birthday. Her parents hosted a Christmas party to celebrate with their friends and those of similar station. She thought it was such a treat to be given a new dress and to be allowed to stay up late for the party! It was magical. Others brought her tiny gifts and she was able to eat plenty of sweets… Enough so that she nearly got a sour stomach. She might have even snuck a sip of her mother’s wine. One guest in particular paid particular attention to her. It was a handsome man with a Germanic accent. He spoke with her like she was a grown up! Introduced himself as a friend and that his name was Klaus. He was terribly kind and would sneak her treats until it was time for bed. Kissing everyone goodnight, Celeste went to bed.

When she awoke the next day, it was dark and she grew afraid. Trying to move, she found that she could not. There were hard surfaces all around her… She was in a chest! Cries for mother and father went unheeded and try as she might, she couldn’t get the chest to open. After what felt like forever, the chest was opened and it was dark outside too. But more like evening dark. And they were in an inn. At least that’s what it looked like. Klaus stood next to the trunk and watched her… Giving her chills. He didn’t look like the Klaus she remembered. As she opened her mouth to ask where she was, he leapt at her and bit her neck. He was DRINKING her blood! Horror froze her in place although it hurt. After a few minutes, he stopped and brought her up out of the chest. Her dressing gown was ruined. Soiled and bloody. Setting her on the bed, he got her a new shift and gave her something to eat and drink. Then he chained her to the foot of the bed. This became her life for the next few days. Days in the chest and nights being fed upon and fed.

Eventually they ended up at what she could only assume was his home. It was somewhere where they spoke a Germanic language, but she couldn’t be certain. Pleas to be allowed to go home were ignored, rebuffed and finally beaten out of her. She was his food source. His toy. Ultimately, he began to feed from her less, the time between stretching out. Instead, he seemed to want to play father. God. She didn’t know, but eventually home was here… Through manipulation of her memory, he began to replace her childhood memories to include him… The others fading away until he was ‘Father.’ He taught her various lessons in history and maths… Even encouraging her to play with the violin that she found so appealing. She lived like this for a year, but as her 8th birthday approached, she grew ill. Her ‘father’ did not know what to do, and rather than lose his pet, he turned her into what he was. A vampire. She awoke after weeks of sickness to a new lease on life. A new strength.

What she did not know was that a child vampire was frowned upon. Whenever his vampiric friends came over, she would be hidden away. Tasked with being quiet. It irked her, but father was scary when angry and she couldn’t displease him! But no matter how careful, eventually word got out. During one of his parties, she was playing her violin in her room when the door opened. A handsome man stood there and studied her. Eventually, it came out that Klaus was dead. Gone forever and that she needed to come with him. After awhile, she found out his name… Nikolai. Packing her few belongings that meant anything to her, she went with the new vampire and left behind the ashes of the man that sired her. Although she could not fully leave him behind. She was a new vampire… Who was afraid of the dark and of being alone. Things that many children are afraid of…. but Nikolai never laughed at her… He taught her things.

Showed her how to be a good hunter… And oh the adventures! She saw things that she couldn’t even begin to comprehend… She just knew some were beautiful and some were terrible.

Eventually, her adoptive father was given the recognition she thought he deserved and was given the barony in Denver. She thinks it is a grand old adventure! Plus there are so many interesting creatures about!

Other: Celeste has a slight Russian accent that she adopted to be like Nikolai. She speaks Russian, English, and French, along with some other European languages. It would be perfect if she was more attentive in her practice.

Living Situation

Address: Hotel Scarlett Denver Colorado

Lived There Since:

Lives With: Nikolai Aleksandrovich Orlov


Likes: anything Russian, studying, drawing, playing her violin, Nikolai

Dislikes: the dark, whatever Nikolai does not like at the time

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, playing her violin

Can usually be found: Hotel, following Nikolai, playing or drawing outside

Favorite Color: Dark colors (particularly red)

Favorite Food: Blood

Favorite Drink: Blood

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: N/A

Favorite Music: Anything with a violin

Favorite Read: Frankenstein, Dracula

Some Facts (Optional)

[Religion:] Sure

[Allergies:] Sun

[Biggest Fear:] Being alone and the dark

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