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Emma Grey

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

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Character Basics

Name: Emma Lee Grey

Rank/Title: Witch

Actual Age: 24

Age of appearance: 21

Date of Birth: September 5th

Place of Birth: Dubuque, Iowa

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Wiccan

Chronic Diseases: None

Allergies: None

Physical Description

Height: 5’-2”

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color/Style: When worn down, the honey brown tresses will reach midway down her back. It’s thick, with a natural wave, but she rarely allows it to rest so free. Rather, she wears it up, and with a series of pins, keeps it up and proper.

Other: Smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, though they are fairly light. They darken a little more across her shoulders.

Play-By Used: Emelia Clarke


Above all else, Emma is kind. She is as sweet as they come, and always provides the benefit of

the doubt to the point where she is often and easily trod upon. She lights up the room when she enters, and works very hard with whatever task she sets herself upon. Unfortunately, this brings a very high level of naivety. She doesn’t always make the best choices with those she associates with, because she often times second guesses her instinctual responses to “see the heart” of the person she’s interacting with.

Though a witch, she is as light as they come, with very little natural ability in offensive magics. Her strengths are defensive in nature, and always seek to leave opponents stunned rather than actually harmed.

Species: Born Witch

Affiliation: Loner

Specialties or Elements: White Earth Witch

Strengths: Emma’s greatest strength would be her ability to see things from every possible angle. She’s as open as they come. She’s also incredibly handy to have around say a dress shop, considering that she is an Earth witch. The fabrics, the threads, all of these things respond to her.

Weaknesses: Grace only goes so far, and unfortunately, while Emma is quite capable of dancing and having a good time, she’s kind of a clutz, but her greatest deficit would be a severe lack of life preservation skills. It’s a wonder she’s lasted as long as she has.

Familiar: Vinca a Grey Squirrel

Background History

Emma never grew up in a coven. Though a born witch, her father didn’t have a single magical bone in his body, but her mother didn’t love him any less for it. Their little family lived on the outskirts of Dubuque Iowa, and lived a simple life, free of the rules that many other witches existed by. They had a small farm on which they grew their own food and animals. Emma’s mother was known as a local healer, an herbalist that could be depended upon in times of need.

Rarely, if ever did the witch charge for her services. She was simply there to put her gifts and craft to good use. She believed in helping people, and excelled in midwifery. Emma’s father was a gentle man, who loved his family above all else, and worked long days in the fields to provide for the two ladies in his life. They’d never had more children once Emma was born, something that had always confused her, but she didn’t complain. Being an only child meant that she lacked for nothing and was raised in complete love.

Everything changed when Emma was 15.

A new coven had begun to move into town, flexing their muscles of control. They were purists, and lacked the proper number of White witches to help keep them balanced. As such, when it became clear that a little rogue family had the audacity to dilute the blood by breeding with a human, they struck. There was no trying to chase them out of town, or burn down their farm. The only goal they had was to annihilate. They needed to destroy all record of the family to prevent them from spreading their ideas. The Blood had already been thinned enough, and it would stop with them.

Having no choice, Emma fled. She’d been just a girl, and nowhere near powerful enough to stand up to the entire might of a coven, Born Witch or not. Emma’s parents didn’t make it. It had been too easy to capture her father, and unwilling to leave his side, Emma’s mother had fallen as well.

With no one but her familiar, Vinca, Emma travelled West. It wasn’t an easy journey. Though a woman by many standards, Emma had little in the ways of social survival. The ways of man were new to her, and navigating them in a trial by fire scenario had forced the girl to grow up much faster than she would have liked. It took her years of roaming, searching, before she finally found where she felt she belonged.

A clothing shop had opened in Denver, a small town, and had placed an ad for a Seamstress. That was something Emma could handle in her sleep, and after applying, she’d been taken on by Dierdre Dryden. It felt like home, and somehow that small town Iowa Witch managed to keep that light, even when her new found small town started on it’s fast path to big city.

Occupation: Seamstress

Living Situation

Address: Renting a room at a boarding house

Lived There Since: 1 year

Lives With: no one

Transportation: Walks

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