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Evelyn Jones

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Player Info

Player Name: Abbey

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Character Basics

Name: Evelyn Jones

Nickname(s): Eevee

Rank/Title: Pack member

Actual Age: 38

Age of appearance: 30

Date of Birth: September 14th, 1834

Place of Birth: St. Louis Missouri

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Religion: Protestant

Chronic Diseases: Lycanthropy

Allergies: silver

Physical Description

Height: 5’9”

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color/Style: Dark brown and kept long.  She frequently styles it in loose waves or captured up in a lazy bun.

Evelyn is a relatively tall woman, but she is built quite slenderly.  The body of a runner, she has muscles but they are the whipcord like kind that ensure speed and agility.  Her long thick dark brown hair is usually kept in loose waves or caught up in a messy bun of some kind. She has a thick piece of dyed green leather that she uses to contain it when she puts it back.  Her skin is tanned but clean and untouched which is fairly unusual given where she lives. Her eyes are b

rown but quite pale and her lips are full. She wears a little bit of dark shadow around her eyes and that is about it.    She has pierced ears, usually adorned with simple golden studs. Unseen to most, she has a nasty looking bite scar on her left side around her hip.

More often than not, she wears comfortable gowns that are fairly plain in both style and color.  Apparel has never been something that drew her attention, but rather than downplay her beauty, it actually amplifies it.  Regardless of what she wears, she is always wearing sturdy boots.

Play-By Used: Rachel Weisz


To other werewolves it is quickly clear that she is a submissive wolf.  To humans… Evelyn is quietand relatively unassuming, speaking and behaving like a proper young lady.  She has a sharp wit and keen intelligence that she uses to assist her pack from behind the scenes. A motherly figure, she is often the one that many will go to with their problems or worries.  They will always find an open ear and gentle heart. Fantastic with children, she has never been blessed with her own, which is a secret hurt. A large part of that is due to the fact that she has not found anyone that is interested or that has caught her eye.

In a deep recess within her, Evelyn has a core of strength that she barely recognizes is there.  She will fight viciously to protect her students and loved ones, particularly if she is alone, but is better off as a shoulder to lean on.

Species: Werewolf - Bitten

Affiliation: Tujunga Pack - Submissive

Strengths: Patient, Loving, Fantastic baker, competent on a horse, fast and agile

Weaknesses: Easily controllable/spoken over, relatively weak physically

Animal Appearance: Evelyn looks like an Eastern Timber Wolf.  Her belly is white, while her back, limbs and face are brindled.  From the tips and edges of her ears, down alongside both sides of her muzzle is a reddish orange color, with darker fur over much of the rest of her.  Around her eyes there are patches of a pale brownish red, and along her back and forehead there are bands of black that streak out. She is slightly small for a timber wolf and fairly lean in build.

Background History

Evelyn was born in St. Louis Missouri to an older couple that were map makers and librarians.  The lure of the road and the promise of adventure originally brought her parents together, her mother being from Egypt and her father being European.  That’s why they settled in the town that many heralded as the gateway to the west. Evelyn came along a few years after they were married and they doted on her.  She was an intuitive child that loved to observe things before taking any action. School was fun for her, as her parents generally homeschooled her. They thought that many lessons would be best learned by participating.  As it was, she traveled around quite a bit alongside her parents. One of her favorite places was the beautiful Cahokia mounds. They were so peaceful. She loved to lay there and listen to the wind through the grass… It felt like it was talking to her.

As she grew up, she eventually entered into higher learning.  She knew that she wanted to teach and pass on her love of learning to others.  The lessons were easy, but dealing with those her own age was strange. Up until this point, the majority of her interactions had been with adults.  But she eventually fell into a routine and graduated quickly. Now the hard part. Where to put down her roots? On a whim, she put in to move out further west.  Somewhere where she could put her learning to effective use.

Kissing her parents farewell, she set off via the train, intending to take it to her final destination. 

At one of her stops, Evelyn stepped off the train to get some fresh air. She did not go far, but even so, she thought she heard the sound of someone crying for help.  It seemed that no one else did, so she set off to investigate by herself. By the time she realized that she may have come too far by herself, it was too late. The crying stopped, followed by a sound that made her blood run cold.  A growling sound… Turning to flee, she found herself face to face with a large wolf. She froze. She did not know what to do, although it ultimately did not matter. The wolf lunged at her, biting into her side as she turned to run.  It drug her down, but her screams drew others from the train to her aid. They shot guns to chase the wolf away, and helped the now bloody Evelyn back to the train. She was cleaned up and the bite was stitched closed. Everyone thought the matter closed when the men gave the station master a warning of a wild wolf in the area, and the train moved on.

It was not long after that, Evelyn realized someone was stalking her.  A middle aged man with dark hair and wild looking eyes took to dogging her steps as their trip continued.  He never spoke to her, just watched her. Evelyn made certain that she was rarely alone when he could possibly be around.  One night, about a week or so after the attack, she went to bed early not feeling well. They had stopped in a town and she took a room at the local hotel simply to have the chance to clean herself more fully and sleep in a more comfortable bed.  Fate favored her that night. She awoke once the moon rose, feeling uncomfortable and hurting. Something didn’t feel right. Within a few painful moments, her transformation was complete. A beautiful tawny red and white wolf fairly lean in build stood in the remains of her nightgown on the hotel floor. 

With some maneuvering, she got out the window and ran out into the land surrounding the town. She felt free and amazing! The smells, the feeling of her muscles… Now powerful… The thud of her paws on the ground. A scent caught her nose, and she immediately gave chase to what she finally discovered was a rabbit.  The hunt… The kill. It felt right.  As she feasted on the spoils of her victory, another scent accosted her nostrils.  Similar to her own scent. Clambering to her feet, she saw the wolf that bit her standing a short distance away.  She snarled at him in an attempt to scare him off… But it failed. He attacked her and his dominant aggression ultimately brought her to submit.  He took advantage, both in her food and with her. Eventually, they fell asleep, him clutching her possessively to prevent her from leaving.

The next morning, Evelyn was horrified to find herself back in human form, with the sleeping form of her stalker behind her!  When she let out a cry, he awoke and grabbed her firmly by the arm. He explained that she was now a werewolf and since he was the one that bit her, she belonged to him now.  He was her alpha. She would age slower and they would have Cubs of their own. Create their own pack. Because she was a young woman traveling alone, it was relatively easy for him to follow through.  They simply left the town that morning, taking a stage coach to another town… Once the train left, no one knew to look for her. He found a small plot of land and set up a small house.

The years that followed almost killed her.  She was taught little about what it meant to be a werewolf… Controlled.  Her useful submissive nature squandered on an abusive male with no pack. Time told her his story.  A troublemaker, he was kicked out of pack after pack until he decided to make his own. Seeing her, he set his plans into motion since it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.  Not allowed to make any friends, Evelyn was confined to their house. But thankfully, she never had any children. He began to seek out a replacement for her, but that ended poorly for him.  He selected a woman that had plenty of support to protect her… As well as a dominant personality of her own. Once she turned, she killed him in a fit of rage, releasing Evelyn from her prison.  And after years of being suffocated, Evelyn could breathe again. The two females traveled together for awhile so that Evelyn could show her what she knew, but eventually the young woman returned home and Evelyn continued her way out west.  Her original dream was still alive at her core and she eventually reached Denver before she decided to settle.

It was at her first full moon that she ran into members of the Tujunga pack.  Although she did not follow the rules, the pack members brought her to their Rex Max.  She was completely unversed in the rules and etiquette of werewolf society and was wary of any alpha staking a claim to her.  But Max was older… More of a protective father and protector than a controller. She actually felt more relaxed than she ever had before once she joined his pack and recognized him as alpha.  This felt right. She began to learn from other werewolves and took up a teaching position at one of the schools in town. Life fell into a comfortable rhythm. She even found out there were other creatures out there, one being her friend Josephine Blackfoot.  She had always read of the shape shifting tales but never thought them true… How wrong she was… And gladly so. Now she spends her days taking care of the young of town and baking goods for her pack.

Other: She finally reconnected with her parents back east, lying to them about her disappearance and her new way of life.


Elementary School teacher

Living Situation

Address: Small flat next to the school

Lived There Since: 1866

Lives With: No one


Tamed wild horse named Stetson


Likes: Horses, reading, teaching, baking

Dislikes: Arrogance, disrespect for knowledge, cats

Hobbies: Horseback riding, reading

Can usually be found: the school, her rooms

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Apples

Favorite Drink: Cider

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Mulled cider

Favorite Music: Most types

Favorite Read: Currently Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Some Facts (Optional)

[Smoking:] No

[Drinks Alcohol:] Yes

[Religion:] Protestant

[Worst Habit:] She struggles to speak her mind

[Allergies:] Silver

[Most Common Misconception about him/her:] Submissive means weak.  She has a hidden backbone.

[Biggest Fear:] Living a long time alone

[Weapons] Her werewolf form only if completely necessary.  She also has a tiny revolver that she is terrified of having to use.

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