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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

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Name: Iovita Moraitis  (Eye-oh-vita) or (Yo-vita)

Nickname(s): Vita

Rank/Title: Queen of Vampire America since 1869

Actual Age: Roughly 2000

Age of appearance: Mid 40s

Date of Birth: 2nd century BC

Place of Birth: Rome

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Asexual for the past several hundred years; before that, was pansexual.

Religion: Spiritualism

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: Sun

Height: 5'11"

Eye Color: Light green

Hair Color/Style: Long white-blonde hair, pale eyebrows, pale lashes.

Clothing Style: Very unique, colorful, and of the latest fashion.

Other: Vita is tall, slender, and looks delicate. But don't be fooled. She has a iron grip and can easily overpower most vampires, as few are as old as her. She is one of the oldest vampires in America, as most old vampires prefer to reside in Europe or Asia.

Play-By Used: Tilda Swinton


Being roughly two-thousand years old--roughly because Iovita doesn't count exactly anymore, she rounds up--has provided a life full of perspective. She was afforded a long view of not only her own life but the entire world, the lives of humans but other vampires alike. Despite the plagues, the wars, and other awful tragedies throughout the two milleniums, Iovita is quite sanguine. She finds it a luxury to have witnessed and experienced so much, and she appreciates absolutely everything.

She has gone through anything a vampire ever has; she has survived through hell when hellish times struck; she has been a bloodthirsty, savage bitch without regard for human life, when she thought that there was no right or wrong, only survival, or death; she has gone through mood swings and lived everywhere across the world; she's been with beings of all walks of live, both platonically and romantically speaking. She has gone through periods of hating herself, what she was, to taking advantage of her vampiric nature and smiting anyone in her way. She has gone through periods of guilt and remorse for her actions. She had come close to death many times. She has survived a very long time. For the last five hundred years, she has, in way, been trying to atone for her own sins.

Presently Iovita finds herself at a state of peace in her life and in mind. She is tranquil and calm. She is incredibly wise and almost unearthly. She was elected Queen of Vampire America for a reason, though it was bloody hard to get there for a woman, even among vampires. She is level-headed, and some vampires think she isn't quite vampire anymore. Perhaps she isn't. She certainly doesn't think like one. It is not survival or death for her anymore--it long hasn't been. It is not about being on top of the food chain--not about superiority. It is about living side by side--all species, together--on earth.

She is close with a small amount of members of the White House. Being sensible and experienced, she is quite an asset to the human government. And her main goal is peace and she wholeheartedly believes that it is possible. There are many vampires who wouldn't agree with her, might even hate her, but most aren't as old as she is. Having learned from lessons through both supernatural beings and humans alike, Vita believes she is the perfect leader to guide the vampiric nation into the future.

However, Vita isn't Gandhi. It's hard to get her angry. She rarely yells, rarely threatens. But it is possible. Being very old, she is very strong, and if she must, truly must, she will smite whoever wrongs her.

Species: Vampire

Affiliation: Vampire Government of America

Blood Preferences: From willing humans, witches; never by force

Strengths: Wise, tranquil, moral; great political leader; possesses great vision and plans for vampire kind.

Weaknesses: Sort of giving most the benefit of the doubt, really believing in peace; believing in the good of most. All can backfire on her. She takes such risks and leaps of faith, which can bite her in the ass. She can be assassinated or overthrown.


Vita was born in the 2nd century BC when Rome was a cosmopolitan, and the Roman empire had no major enemies. When she was human, she was a Vestal Virgin, a priestess of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. Priestesses cultivated the sacred fire of the city that was not allowed to go out. Vita was seven when she took upon the duty, essentially forced by her parents, who were not of high birth. They hoped that Vita's sacred status would elevate themselves and bring them honor, which it did.

The Vestals were sworn to celibacy for thirty years, which consisted of long periods during which Vestals were respectively students, servants, and teachers. After the thirty years were over, they retired and were replaced. Vita was nearing forty when her time was over, having served her goddess and city well. However, she was arranged to marry soon after by the Pontifex Maximus, the high priest, to a man that she did not like in the slightest. But for him, a marriage to a former Vestal was highly honored, and – more importantly in ancient Rome – thought to bring good luck, as well as a comfortable pension.

So, not only was he going to use Vita, but he also was a vampire, seeking to elevate himself in the noble ranks among the humans. However, he was a young vampire despite his appearance of sixty years--rash, reckless, and not as careful as he should've been. To make matters worse, he turned Vita while she was still a virgin in order to "preserve" her virginity, which was absolutely horrific and twisted. And so he would rape his virgin whenever he wished, and still she would be pure in his mind. Vita would rather have been buried alive, a punishment issued upon Vestals when the sacred fire of the city went out and they were to blame. But she did try to bury herself. It was hard to die--while she starved--and death seemed impossible. She would have had to starved for months in order to whither away. Her husband stopped her each time. Even when she tried to burn herself.

Vita wasn't able to kill him during their time in Rome. But oh she was miserable. He had control over her, being her sire, and they stayed in the empire until the 4th century AD when it was falling. Rome lost decisive battles against the Persians and Germanic barbarians. And it was a Gothic Warrior who had killed her sire for her, for he had knowledge of vampires (essentially was a hunter), and especially hated Romans. She, however, had to flee before he killed her too, and she escaped narrowly.

For the rest of the century, she wandered alone across Europe, reeling and recovering, yet happy that she was finally rid of her awful husband. She left bloody trails and rode her vicious highs. She embraced her vampire nature and found herself in Wales toward the end of the 5th century. She had discovered and developed a taste for witch blood, something her sire had never provided and probably had never known of, and was one day enticed and bribed by Morgana--a Witch. Vita had been on determined hunts to find witches, so for Morgana it was easy. And the deal was easy.

And Vita was an awful sire. She got her fill of witch blood and left Gwenhwyfar Pendragon to her fate. It took Gwen at least a hundred more years to find Vita, and by then Vita had felt her guilt, strove to make up for the abandonment. Their relationship was rocky, and for the most part has been ever since. Vita knows that Gwen still harbors a bitterness. Vita doesn't blame her. But she tries to make up for her own sins. They have had over a thousand years together, and presently, they are at a point of mutual tranquility. They have found trust, yet they are not emotionally close. They are not tender physically. They do not profess to each other any type of love, whether it be sister like, or mother-daughter.

However strange this is, they are still together, and Vita trusts Gwen to be her right hand.

Likes: Tranquility, philosophical discussions, meditating, advising people, speaking about history, nature, humans, human children, churches (how beautiful they are; peaceful)

Dislikes: arrogant vampires; racism (against species); harming humans; intolerant hunters; Arnaud d'Aubigné

Hobbies: Butterfly garden, artifact collection, painting, meditating; visiting human children in hospitals

Can usually be found: Washington

Favorite Color: Silver

Favorite Food: None

Favorite Drink: None

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: None

Favorite Music: Ancient music, obscure music

Favorite Read: Many many classics.

Favorite Flick: None

Favorite Actor/Actress: None

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