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Jack Raymond McGee

Player Info

Player Name: Rel

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Character Basics

Name: Jack Raymond McGee

Nickname(s): JR

Rank/Title: Wrangler

Actual Age: 126

Age of appearance: Late 40s

Date of Birth: March 27th

Place of Birth: West Virgina

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: straight

Religion: none

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: sun

Physical Description

Height: 5’-10”

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color/Style: Close cropped on the sides, longer on top

Other: Mustache

Play-By Used: Ethan Hawke


JR is a BOSS. He thinks he’s a gift to the world, but utterly co-dependent upon Victoria, which both pleases and repulses her. He has a cruel streak a mile wide, and is utterly vicious to his charges. He also has a superiority complex, feeling that vampires are the true rightful rulers of this world, everyone is just… food.

Species: Vampire

Affiliation: Victoria

Blood Preferences: He likes adrenaline laced, prefers dark magic users and a bit of shifter. They lack the “stink” of were

Strengths: Incredible tracker, lack of a conscience

Weaknesses: Not the most intelligent, prefers to use strength over logic

Background History

JR was born to the booming mining towns of West Virginia. In fact, the year he was born, coal was first discovered in those mountains. Naturally, people rushed there in an attempt to get in on that action. It wasn’t gold, but it was something almost more important: energy.

With the new amount of “wealth” that went running into those mountains, it was only natural for others to be attracted as well. JR was taken down in one of the mining tunnels. His maker had made a game out of men disappearing in the dark, but sensing the depravity in his meak, opted to turn him instead.

After palling around with his maker for a few decades, JR wanderd out west to seek his own fortunes. It was there he met Victoria and naturally fell in love. He is utterly devoted to her, and would not hesitate to do a single thing she requested. He also helped her create her empire.

Other: Could care less about the other vampires in Victoria’s employ; he actually looks forward to escape attempts… The fun is the chase



Living Situation

Address: Victoria’s farm/anywhere

Lives With: Victoria, Topher, other vampires there

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