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Jacqueline Cormier

Player Info

Player Name: Morgan

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Character Basics

Name: Jacqueline Adrienne Cormier

Nickname(s): Jackie by those exceptionally close to her

Actual Age: 145

Age of appearance: Early twenties

Date of Birth: October 16, 1727

Place of Birth: Colmar, Alsace, France

Marital Status: Unmarried, despite a prior romantic entanglement

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Formerly Roman Catholic

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: Sun

Physical Description

Height: 5’5”

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color/Style: Dark chocolate brown. Wavy, but not outright curly

Play-By Used: Lily Collins


From a young age, Jacqueline has always been an observant, opinionated, and exacting person. She knows what’s expected of her, and she can play that role to perfection if she thinks it will best serve her. She takes advantage of her seemingly innocent, wide eyed face more often than people realize.Knowing expectations doesn’t always temper her outgoing, rambunctious nature. She’s not afraid of challenges, or of saying what she truly thinks, and this lack of fear can get her into trouble from time to time. The most frequent critique of her character is her inability to keep her mouth shut.

When she lacks the ability to make others yield to her way of thinking, she has no problem holding others to rigid standards. She knows the world is not fair, but she uses what abilities and influence she can to make her point known and understood, even if it is not always abide

d by. For that reason and more, Jacqueline is naturally suspicious of other people, and it takes a long time to earn her trust. She won't hesitate to strike against someone else if she feels threatened.

Her easy desire to go after those who she perceives as doing wrong by her can lead to complications. She doesn’t always think things through, and her quick temper and rash decisions have put her in danger a time or two, both as a human and as a vampire.

For the few she truly lets in, she is warm and loving, and utterly devoted. There is nothing she wouldn't do for those individuals, and that includes things that could be to her detriment.

Species: Vampire

Affiliation: Loner

Blood Preferences: Live Human, but she’ll make due with donated/stored blood

Strengths: Her wide eyes and small frame can be deceptive. Most new interactions begin under the assumption that she’s delicate, or at least, far more mild in temperament than she actually is. She’s been aware of this for a long time, and she’s happy to use it to her advantage.

Weaknesses: A fierce temper that can rear its ugly head unexpectedly. If pushed when she wants to be left alone, she’ll shut someone out indefinitely. She’s far too stubborn for her own good.

Background History

Jacqueline Adrienne Cormier de Rochechouart was born on October 16, 1727 and baptized the same day in the Alsace region in France. Jacqueline was fortunate to be born into two old noble French families through her parents, Maxime de Rochechouart and Diane Cormier. Because of the fine family into which she was born, Jacqueline was given everything that she could ask for including rich foods, fine clothing and toys, and excellent education. She became both intelligent and fashionable. She blossomed into an accomplished young woman who could converse with visitors in four languages while serving tea or debating politics -- a habit that worried her parents. For various reasons, including Jacqueline’s refusal to keep her mouth shut at appropriate times, she'd made it into adulthood without getting married.

One of those visitors was a man that Jacqueline would come to know as Nikolai Orlov. Although Nick was an acquaintance of her father, Jacqueline met Nick at a party one evening. She found him handsome, and intriguing. Despite the intervening years, Jacqueline recalls their conversations from that evening. Discussions of history and books. Even a word or two about the political climate on the continent. His opinions fascinated her, and her inability to seek him out to have more of these exchanges frustrated her to no end.

Perhaps her father recognized her frustration, or perhaps he was as impressed with Nick as she had been, her father spoke with Nick about a possible courtship. To Jacqueline’s surprise Nick agreed, and he did and said all of the expected things that came with courtship. She fell in love with Nick quickly and hard, in a way she didn’t even know was possible. Loving him was like breathing, and she looked forward to every moment she was allowed to be near him. Sometimes, though, she felt like he didn’t return even a fraction of those feelings. Okay, she felt that way a lot, and like he was keeping her at a distance from him. There were more than a few times she nearly broke the whole thing off because of that, but Jacqueline could never quite make herself do it.

When she was twenty one years old, Jacqueline grew ill from what doctors identified as influenza. She finds it laughable that something so insignificant nearly killed her. At the time, she remembers accepting the inevitability of her death and feeling the sorrow that permeated her home in her last hours. Death did not come for her, though. Nick saw to that. In what she thought to be her final hours, he came to her and confessed to her all of the secrets he’d kept from her, including the fact that he loved her. He then presented her with the choice to stay with him, which meant turning her into what he was, a vampire. She accepted, and she does not regret the choice she made that night.

The following years with Nick and Celeste proved adventurous and exciting. She was consumed with her love for Nick and the deep affections for Celeste. She finally felt like she existed in a family where she was not viewed as an embarrassment or a failure. This time also presented a much larger world than Alsace.

Jacqueline remained with Nick and Celeste until Nick decided to relocate to America. It was a desire she lacked and could not understand. Even though she was no longer human, she’d watched the horrors her beloved France underwent during the revolution, and the years that followed. She longed to stay behind and bask in the glory of the emerging new world. And there was no compromise to be had between she and Nick on that matter. So, she stayed behind with the resources he allotted her.

She has spent the intervening years traveling around Europe, although much of her time was in France. Though she prefers to have the freedom to roam around as she likes, she has befriended different groups over time, and her pursuits have widely varied. She’s kept her head down as needed. In a world where the preference for aristocracy and the rabble changes so rapidly, it’s been important to emerge as neither. Recently, she received a request from Nick to come to Colorado, and she opted to respond positively.


It has changed over the years based on where she is currently living and what she is doing. Her most recent occupation involved instruction in different musical instruments, including the harp.

Living Situation


Lived There Since:

Lives With:




Likes: Music, books, the theatre, poetry, spirited debate, good wine, a particular set of intense, blue-grey eyes

Dislikes: Laziness, apathy, deception from those close to her.

Hobbies: Music, writing, reading, traveling

Can usually be found: She likes to travel, so until recently, there was no specific place

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Blood

Favorite Drink: Blood

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Dark, red wine

Favorite Music: Chopin

Some Facts (Optional)

Smoking: No. She finds it vulgar

Drinks Alcohol: If the mood strikes her

Religion: She was once Roman Catholic, but that has lapse

Allergies: The sun

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