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James Morrow

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

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Character Basics

Name: James Morrow

Nickname(s): Jimmy by those closest, like old friends

Rank/Title: Lawyer

Actual Age: 52

Age of appearance: Early fifties

Date of Birth: 1820

Place of Birth: London, England

Marital Status: Single, Widower

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Athiest

Chronic Diseases: A little drug addiction

Allergies: Seasonal

Height: 6'0"

Eye Color: Blue/gray

Hair Color/Style: Black hair, side swept with pomade

Clothing Style: Crisp, clean suits, always dresses to the tee.


Play-By Used: Clive Owen

Species: Human

Affiliation: None

Strengths: Good lawyer, logical thinker, thinks with his brain, not his heart, wins his cases

Weaknesses: Can be callous, lacking emotion; short-tempered outside of work; has a difficult time communicating with his daughter; has addictive personality


Alexandra was the love his life, a pale, dark-haired beauty who was a ballet dancer. James met her shortly after he came to America, by himself, to make something of his life. He met her through relatives he had in New York. They were huge fans of the ballet and happened to take in Alexandra as something of a ward. Already having attended university in London, he easily made his career with the people he knew/made connections with. Making Alexandra his wife only added to his overall feeling of success.

They had a son, Oliver, who was the spitting image of James. A serious boy, he was the type to excel in the sciences and math. Five years later, they had Liz, who was more like her mother--passionate, emotional. James was a completely different man with a family. He was still hotheaded and brash, but his wife was able to pull out a tender side from him.

When she died tragically in an accidental fire that struck part of their home, James not only became a different person, he became someone who his children didn't recognize. He left the child-rearing to nurses and maids. He buried himself in his work. Luckily Oliver was a top student, not needing much doting. Liz, on the other hand, struggled without her mother's affection. James could not hold his temper with her. She couldn't hold her crying.

Oliver went to University and became a scholar. James sought to marry Liz off as soon as possible. Only, it was hard to find a suitor due to what he thought of as her difficult behavior. When finally, at a social gathering she met professor Adam Lansing, the weight lifted off of James' shoulders. It wasn't that he hated his daughter, not at all. She just reminded him of Alexandra.

Liz and Adam had five happy years together while James lived his bachelor/widower life, still buried in his work, and feeding his vices outside of it. Then Adam died. His daughter was forced to come back to him. For the first time in his life, James could relate to her. He actually tried to console her. He even stopped a suicide attempt. When nothing worked, he decided to take them away from New York completely.

They moved to Denver where he set up his practice again. The new scenery seemed to help Liz. Now, they have a neutral relationship. They don't have deep conversations. They don't hug. They don't go past "How was your day been?" "How are is your health?" but they live civilly.

In private, James struggles with addiction, such as drinking, and opium smoking. He takes other pills and tells himself he has to--to keep the bad thoughts at bay.

Living Situation

Address: House outside of town

Lived There Since: 1870

Lives With: Liz Morrow



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