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Juliet Bennett

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Character Basics

Name: Juliet Victoria Bennett (Formally as Dorthy White)

Nickname(s): Julie

Rank/Title: Victoria’s daughter

Actual Age: 98

Age of appearance: 16-18

Date of Birth: June 20th, 1774

Place of Birth: Boston

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Religion: The Blood

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: Sun

Height: 5’3”

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color/Style: Long, thick, wavy dark brown. Styled perfectly always

Clothing Style: Elaborate dresses in all sorts of different colors. Always additional accessories like jewelry and hats.

Other: She always looks her best and gets pissed if she dirties her clothes. Her skin is tanned, due to her mixed heritage. She was thin and quite frail as a human and remained so as a vampire, minus the frail part.

Play-By Used: Nina Dobrev

Species: Vampire

Blood Preferences: Children, young girls, or brute men

Strengths: Calculating, sweet talker, always knows what to say, doesn’t yell or raise her voice

Weaknesses: Has a hard time when not getting her way, fickle in her interests, takes insults very deeply and is difficult to forgive; gets easily upset if someone is mad at her.


Juliet was born Dorthy White in rural England. She grew up poor with an incredibly low station as she is half gypsy. Her mother died of cholera, and her father sold her at a young age to a brothel. She learned how to survive, take what she needed, and put no one else but herself first. She has been through hell, considering the profession that had been forced on her. Sure she received comfort from fellow harlots and their madam was tough yet did her best to protect them, but Dorthy didn’t see a future for herself past 20. By 16, she already had two abortions and caught several sicknesses.

Dorthy was slowly dying of a persistent cough when she met Victoria. The stately woman took pity on the girl and saw something of herself in her. The tuberculosis would’ve killed Dorthy, but Victoria decided to turn her. Dorthy, having never had a mother figure, saw Victoria as someone like that, and in turn, Dorthy became a sort of daughter. Wanting her to forget the terrible life she had, Victoria encouraged Dorthy to change her name, her entire identity.

Presently, Juliet is Victoria’s assistant, so to speak. She does not do any dirty work, but she does quite a bit of organization and people-pleasing.

Living Situation

Address: Victoria’s Vineyard

Lived There Since: Since it was established

Lives With: Victoria, JR, Mordecai, Topher, and others


Victoria’s assistant

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