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Leah Sidhe

Player Info

Player Name: Abbey

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Character Basics

Name: Leah Sidhe

Nickname(s): Leelee

Rank/Title: The Leanan sídhe

Actual Age: Unknown

Age of appearance: 35

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Ancient Ireland

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Religion: None

Chronic Diseases: None

Allergies: Iron, Salt

Physical Description

Height: 6’1”

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color/Style: Red/long curls

Other: Pierced ears, small tattoo of a quill and a harp on her upper left shoulder

Tall and beautifully built, her body was designed to make mortals desire it. Curves in all of the right places, with a face that gave whoever was looking into it what they desired… She is the epitome of a muse. She dresses provocatively and dances with zeal and love for life. Her voice is harmonious and beautiful, prone to making some people cry. Everything about her cries out to be taken. Enjoyed. Desired.

Play-By Used: Eleanor Tomlinson


A sometimes victim of who and what she is, Leah is a vivacious and outspoken creature. But that’s not all she is. She is so full of life and energy, it is like she is looking for some vessel to pour herself into. Which is what she does. Eagerly. For those that wish it, she pours her love and energy into them. Inspiring them to greater heights than they could’ve accomplished without her. And she loves them for it. Humans are such sweet things. Such sweet… Fragile things. Always seeking her next… Creation.

Leah is also malleable. She is capable of altering her personality to suit whoever she is with to enhance them. Although she appears to be a creature that loves the limelight, she actually prefers to put her beloved on the podium. It is also safer to hide behind the scenes.

Ever since she came to America, she has become more careful. Now, she only sips off of the creative juices that she inspires in people. She tries to not drink too deeply and ultimately draw potentially fatal attention on herself.

When pushed, Leah’s fae nature will bring a new side to her. One that is cold and vicious and scary. Human life (at least those that don’t belong to her loved ones) is fleeting and not worth worrying about in the grand scheme of things.

Species: Fae

Affiliation: Herself

Strengths: Great singer, dancer, writer, supernaturally strong and fast, a supernatural muse inspiring great works

Weaknesses: Can be cold and dismissive of humans, salt, iron, she prefers to not be in the limelight, a supernatural life drainer

Background History

Leah has been The Leanan Sidhe since the Tuatha de danann became what they are centuries upon centuries ago. She is immortal, although she can be killed. She spent carefree days in Ancient Ireland being revered and feared for who and what she was. Bringing inspiration and a blazing fire to those that she loved. Wherever there was a surge of inspiration… She was there. Wherever an artist or singer began to pull large crowds… She was there. And when they died, she left broken-hearted. But she cannot help herself. It’s what she is.

When America opened up, she knew it was a land of opportunity. She could spread out her feeding and it would appear like the new land was inspiring people. There was something about adventurers that gave her added life force. So much so that she was able to develop a new way to ‘feed.’ She could sip. Small sips from her various lovers. Small sips from the patrons of establishments that she worked in. Small sips from those adventuring types. It kept her healthy if never quite… Full. Nor did she find love any longer. This kind of… Care meant that she never found what she was truly looking for. Inspiration. The next great thing.

After leaving another… Incident behind her, Leah dropped her false name and adopted one truer to her core nature. Then she fled to Denver. Just another tavern wench and saloon girl.

Other: She has an Irish wolfhound that hearkens back to the war hounds of old. Her name is Flidais.


Dancer, Saloon Girl, Writer, artist…. Muse

Living Situation


Lived There Since:

Lives With:




Likes: Singing, dancing, drinking, sex, wolfhounds

Dislikes: her loved ones dying, extreme heat

Hobbies: Helping her ‘loved ones’ become great

Can usually be found: at the saloon or with her current ‘project’

Favorite Color: It changes

Favorite Food: Cherries

Favorite Drink: Water

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Honey Mead

Favorite Music: Irish music

Favorite Read: Past works of her ‘loved ones’

[Smoking:] yes

[Drinks Alcohol:] yes

[Allergies:] Iron, salt

[Most Common Misconception about him/her:] That she doesn’t feel anything for those that she is with… She does. She cares for them deeply.

[Biggest Fear:] Being rejected

[Weapons] Dagger

[Most Uttered Phase/Word?] Bollocks!; Sláinte!

[Tends to Always?] Toy with her hair

[Is Ticklish?] Depends

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