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Lee Ann King

Updated: May 19, 2020

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Character Basics

Name: Lee Ann King

Nickname(s): Lee

Rank/Title: Pack member

Actual Age: 120

Age of appearance: mid-60s

Date of Birth: 1752

Place of Birth:

Marital Status: Widow

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Spiritual

Chronic Diseases: Arthritis

Allergies: None

Height: 5'7"

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color/Style: Long, graying blonde

Clothing Style: Lee Ann prefers flowy skirts, or pants, and flowy shirts, no corsets. Since she lives in the mountains with her pack, she doesn't want to be restricted. However, if she has to do some hard work, she will dawn men's' clothes.

Other: Lee Ann is very spiritual and will wear homemade jewelry with stones, crystals, etc

Play-By Used: Meryl Streep

Species: Born Were

Affiliation: Max's pack

Strengths: Strong woman; determined; open-minded; kind; loyal; nurturing

Weaknesses: Worries a lot; gossiper; doesn't quite believe in peace like Max

Animal Appearance: Tan, whitish wolf


Lee Ann had been a part of the opposing pack that Maxwell Greene had joined after the fall of the one he'd grown up in. At that time, she was married to another wolf and had a family, continuing the King family name. Her family had been supporters of the new Rex and easily followed him into the new era and new territory.

She had four children, three girls and one boy. A tough woman, she raised them all with discipline yet also with love, of course. From her son was born Jacob, who is presently the Beta under Max. Jake's parents and her husband, Jake's grandfather, died by the guns of hunters during a mission to another pack. Jake was only a toddler, but Lee Ann strived to give him a happy childhood. When Jake was a bit older, Lee Ann grew close with Max, and they became a couple. If anyone in the family didn't like the relationship, they kept their mouths closed, for Max was their Rex. So Max became like a grandfather to Jake. Lee Ann and Max had a daughter, who is the youngest of their combined children.

To this day, Lee Ann is one of the matrons of the community. She welcomes new wolves with open arms and helps them set up new lives. She also is fiercely protective of the littles and anyone else that would need her love and support.

She cooks the meanest Bambi stew as well.

Living Situation

Address: Max's Homstead

Lived There Since: They moved to the territory

Lives With: Max, Jake, Annie, others




First Husband: Jacob King (deceased)

Second Husband: Maxwell Greene


With Jacob King

Daughters: Name, Name, Name

Son: Jacob King (deceased)

Daughter-in-Law: Name (deceased)

With Maxwell Greene

Daughter: Name

Grandchildren: Jake King (45), Maximus Greene (17)

Name, Twin girl 1 (Adopted from Max Greene)

Name, Twin girl 2 (Adopted from Max Greene)




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