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Lillian Taggart

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

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Name: Lillian Rose Taggart Nickname: Lilly Age: 29 Birthdate: November 8th, 1843 Preference: Heterosexual

Marital Status:  Single

Religion: None

Chronic Diseases: None

Allergies: Grass

Height: 5'-6" Eye color: A bright cerulean blue with a darker navy ring around the outside Hair color/ style: Strawberry Blonde, though the underside is a darker shade since the top has lightened from sun exposure; Rough Layers that tend to have a natural wave or curl to them at the ends.  The tips end just above the base of her arms. Typically, she wears it partially up, with the sides swept back with pins while the remainder hangs free down her shoulders and back.

Clothing style: Casual/worn.  She tends to hold onto clothing longer than perhaps she should, but that's not all that uncommon these days.  Long-sleeved blouses, long skirts, split for riding, trousers beneath, with sturdy laced boots. She absolutely abhors corsets and will avoid them when possible, but being a woman of this time, she understands they are a necessary evil.

Other: Lillian isn't the thin little wallflower.  She's solid and athletic though her corsets do their best to hide this.  Along her right rib cage and under her arm are four long vertical scars in a sweeping motion.  They are raised, but have faded from the deep purple to a dark pink. Play-by: Margot Robbie


Lillian is a seeker, even if she doesn't realize that that is her most base desire.  Raised on her small homestead to a family with narrow ideals, it was hard not to adopt their mindset, but for some reason throughout it all, it didn't seem right.  How was it possible to blame a collective group of individuals on the actions of a few?  Surely, she could think of quite a few hunters that if she had to base her opinion on, she would have put herself as far away from them as she could.  Assholes came in every different shape and color, their species didn't dictate it. It was partially due to this inner conflict, that Lillian doesn't have as much control over her tongue as she would have liked, a trait she had gotten from her mother if her father had been requested to speak on the matter.  Being caught between a rock and a hard place could do that to a person.  So it was, that she had the reservations every hunter possessed, but her trigger finger tended to hesitate instead of instantly open fire. Lillian also has a backbone.  She recognizes and feels fear, it's not something she can prevent, but she is quite adept at compartmentalizing it so that she can deal with it at a later time.  This allows her to carry out her job, without being crippled by it.

Species: Human/Hunter


Strengths: Lillian's biggest strength is not only her loyalty, but also her open mind.  She strives to see things from another perspective, though there are occasions that it takes a little bit of time for it to sink in.

Weaknesses: She is stubborn!  While not the hot head of her mother, she has all of her stubborn ways. She's also too trusting.  Though she hears the small voice in the back of her head, warning her away, she pays it no mind and gives the situation/person the benefit of the doubt.  This can put her into dangerous or compromising positions.


Lillian Rose Taggart, daughter of Jacob and Leonora Taggert was not born in the Denver area. No, her parents had traveled west from the Michigan Territory. Word had spread to the Michigan Council about a blight spreading across the Mexican Territory and that had been enough for them. The Taggarts packed up their modest belongings, two children, and wagon's and headed west.

After arriving there and purchasing a parcel of land, the two hunters set up their modest homestead. Jake and Nora had worked tirelessly to construct their home and small farm with the aide of the other hunters in the area. Little Scott and Lillian had helped where they were able, but small hands could only do so much.

They were raised the way all Hunters were, and could survive on their own in the wilderness before the age of 10. Both were proficient with a range of weaponry, including firearms, bows, slings, and hand to hand combat. Of course, there were also less spoken about educational lessons that took place, but those were only known about in their own circles.

Disaster struck the small homestead when Lilly was only 8 in 1851. They'd only been in the territory for about two years when a turf squabble between the wolves and the vampires found them. Known for being both PeaceKeeper and Executioner alike, Jake and Nora attempted to subdue the hostilities, leading the other Hunters to intervene. Unfortunately, there was to be no peaceful resolution. The two factions were too far gone into their blood lust to stop, even with the Taggarts standing between them.

Jake and Leonora met their end that night, but the pain continued. The morning after the battle, when the sun rose across the blood-stained earth, Scott and Lillian

faced the realization that they were being abandoned. With the utter savageness that the Hunters had witnessed in the battle between wolf and vampire, they had agreed to leave. To the North, other cities were being settled with shining new railroads. It was thought that it was better to leave Denver and its failing policies to the wilderness and let them burn themselves out, but how could Scott and Lillian leave this place that their parents had had such hope for? The children refused to leave.

At 13, Scott was bordering on early manhood. Still a child, he wasn't as physically capable as a grown man, but as a Hunter he'd been raised mentally to adulthood far earlier than his peers. As such, he took it upon himself to raise both himself and his sister, and continue on living at the homestead their parents had created.

Life always had a way of catching back up with you, however, as Lillian learned at 18. For ten years her brother had looked after her, teaching her, feeding her, and was both parent and friend, but on one cold snow-filled night, a mystery occurred. The two had gone to bed, as they had every day for the past 10 years, guns at the ready beside the bed and door, with a warm fire burning in the hearth, but when Lilly woke up the next morning... Scot was gone. There was no sign of where he could have gone. His boots were still beside his bed, as was his gun. All of the food remained in the larder, and his horse was in the barn. Not even shoe prints in the snow existed to give witness to his departure. The only thing she knew was that now she was well and truly alone.

Other:  Though Lillian still has ties to the Hunters up North and in the Michigan Territory, she has no plans to leave her Homestead. She's one of the few hunters in the area, and is not afraid to show her face. Anywhere. She's continued to live in the Denver area and keep the peace where she can.

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