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Lorna Greene

Player Info

Player Name: Elena

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Character Basics

Name: Lorna Greene

Nickname(s): Lor, Lorrie

Rank/Title: None

Actual Age: 32

Age of appearance: early 30s

Date of Birth: 12/9

Place of Birth: Colorado Territory

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Religion: Spiritual

Chronic Diseases: Lycanthropy

Allergies: Silver allergy

Physical Description

Height: 5”2

Eye Color: Rich Brown

Hair Color/Style: Black, curly and short. Since there are no rules in the pack, Lorna doesn’t adhere completely to rules of society. Although if she goes to town, she does wear a corset, dress, and styles her hair more properly. Otherwise, it’s natural and does its own thing.

Other: Lorna is tanned and her son Maxy inherited her freckles, which seemed to pass on from his grandfather Max. She usually wears flowy dresses that allow for better movement, foregoes corsets most of the time, and prefers to be barefoot. She will wear pants and boots if she has to. When going to town, she will wear proper dress so as not to be stared at.

Play-By Used: Ruth Nega


Like her mother, Lorna is a strong-willed woman, full of determination, and has an open mind about pretty much anything. Growing up in the pack, away from society, has allowed Lorna to nurture an awareness and closeness with nature, much like other pack members; but unlike with most others, this spurred her love of freedom and exploration. She grew up sheltered for a while and so felt the need for rebellion as a teenager. She would go on long runs, would be gone nights, and would go past pack territory. She felt a kinship with those wolves who thought like her; who balked against rules, who hated being restrained. This often put her at odds with her father, Max. Lee Ann was the one to soften his anger, even when Lorna became pregnant with Maximus.

Even within a pack, being pregnant and unmarried was something that could taint a girl; and especially since the father hadn’t stayed, that was the worst. He evaded being found when Greene pack members went to search for him. Lorna knew that being a daughter of the Rex saved her image, not that she cared at the end of the day. Although she won’t speak it aloud, she doesn’t care about pack hierarchy in the way that most wolves do. Just because she’s of the Rex’s bloodline, in her eyes, she’s just the same as every other wolf.

As she’s grown older, Lorna’s personality has tamed, but she still loves long runs, being in her wolf form for days; and teaching her son about nature and the spirituality of it. She encourages her son to live life to its fullest, gives him his freedom, and doesn’t restrain him. She believes this kind of parenting prevents rebellion, and thus far, Maxy is a good kind.

Species: Born werewolf

Affiliation: Greene Pack

Strengths: Open-minded, accepting, determined, loving

Weaknesses: May not always follow the rules; often disagrees with her father, sometimes bickers with him; one of the least conservative wolves

Animal Appearance:

Background History

Being the youngest of Max’s children and Lee Ann King’s, Lorna was sheltered and therefore later grew an insatiable desire for rebellion as a teenager. She didn’t cause trouble and do misdeeds, but she did run off several times merely because she wanted to taste freedom. She craved being one with nature, and still does. Being a daughter of the Rex let her get away with things, but that didn’t mean her father didn’t get angry with her. Lorna grew up closer with her mother because she helped soften Max’s frustration, and Lee Ann was always an understanding woman.

She was even understanding when Lorna became pregnant at 17 by a passerby, another wolf, who later ran and couldn’t be found. Motherhood forced Lorna to be tamed but never truly put out her free spirit. Fortunately, Max was far more furious at the wolf who bedded his daughter than at Lorna, for he was older. When Maxy was born, Lorna named him after her father and the family put the past behind them, for Maxy became the light of Lorna’s world and renewed Max’s own spirit. He loved all his grandchildren and developed a particular soft spot for his youngest.

Lorna has tried to raise Maxy with an open mind, an understanding of their nature and their relationship with the wild, and doesn’t restrain him. Although they rarely leave their pack land, she encourages him to read and fill his mind with as much information as possible.

Other: Lorna often doesn’t agree with Max’s ways but has learned to keep her mouth shut until she can’t, and they can argue and not speak for days. She thinks the pack should be less conservative and should stop hiding from humans (not necessarily be open with them), and should not be scared of them.


Cook, helps feed the pack with Lee Ann

Living Situation

Address: Greene Pack Land

Lived There Since: Birth

Lives With:


Feet, wolf form, by horse

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