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Maximus Greene

Player Info

Player Name: Abbey

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Character Basics

Name: Maximus Greene

Nickname(s): Pup, Maxy

Rank/Title: Pack

Actual Age: 15

Age of appearance: 15

Date of Birth: 4/17

Place of Birth: The Denver Ranch 

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Undecided

Religion: Spiritual

Chronic Diseases: lycanthropy

Allergies: Silver 

Physical Description

Height: 5’7”

Eye Color: Pale Brown

Hair Color/Style: Chocolate brown

Other:  Maxy is all long limbs and slender body.  His hair is a chocolate brown and is very curly.  He has tanned skin with freckles that cover the majority of his body.  Thick brows frame his eyes and his mouth is quite large and always in a broad smile.  His ears are slightly larger and indicate he may be a big lad when he is fully grown.  Puberty has struck the youth and he is starting to get a deeper voice and his body is filling out. 

He wears more comfortable clothing, although he tries to look older than he is.  

Play-By Used: Cameron Boyce 

Personality: Your typical young man that wants to be grown already, he is rash and impulsive with an honest bravery that has gotten him into trouble before.  He is very adventurous and dreams of big things.  Often, he will act on his thoughts before fully thinking them through.  Slightly naive, he likes to generally think the best of people until they’ve proven more than once that they aren’t to be trusted.  That hasn’t happened much in his young life so far due to the fact that he rarely leaves the ranch to interact with people. A generally happy lad, he is outgoing and has a zest for life and living it to the fullest. He adores his wild mother and treasures their runs together out in nature.  

Species: Born Werewolf

Affiliation: Denver Pack

Strengths: General werewolf abilities, brave, honest, born guitar talent

Weaknesses: Can be honest to a fault, naive, too trusting, difficulty controlling the change when he gets emotional

Animal Appearance: A blending of his mother’s darker  fur and the pale nature of his father’s, he has cream stripes throughout his blacker fur.  This makes him almost look like a zebra.  He has a lean build,

but his frame is obviously built to pick on muscle.  His ears and paws are quite large and he still has some soft fur due to his age.  His eyes stay the same color as his human eyes. 

Background History

Maximus was born to a daughter of Lee Ann King and Max Greene and a wolf from another Pack.  The male was simply a fling and was passing through the Pack’s territory so he has not remained a part of his life.  Maxy’s mother gave him her own surname once he was born and was delighted to find that he was born a werewolf.  Maximus was born on the ranch and has never left the safety of their home.  As he grew, he was a favored youth and well beloved by his family.  He was a sweet and affectionate child and adored his family.  In particular, his wild and free mother.  A less than rigid authority, they became more like playmates than the traditional roles generally assigned to a parent and child.  

Not given many responsibilities as the Pack had strong leaders, he was left to grow and enjoy life although he was imbued with his mother’s desire for adventure.   Even with that desire, he has never left the ranch alone, and rarely goes far. In this, he is unlike his mother.  He loves Max and doesn’t mind the rules.  To pass the time, he has started learning how to play the guitar from Jake.

Other: He has a secret wish to one day travel and find his father.


Student/ranch hand 

Living Situation

Address: Max’s ranch

Lived There Since: birth

Lives With: the pack and his family


Likes: His family, nature, running as a wolf

Dislikes: being lied to, the color purple

Hobbies: Nature runs, reading, playing the guitar

Can usually be found: at the ranch, out in nature

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: chocolate chip cookies 

Favorite Drink: Cold Tea

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Not old enough

Favorite Music: Anything with a fast tempo

Favorite Read: Dirk Benson’s works

Some Facts (Optional)

[Smoking:] He would get his hide tanned so “no”

[Drinks Alcohol:] He would get his hide tanned so “no”

[Worst Habit:] Bounces his foot almost incessantly

[Allergies:] Silver 

[Biggest Fear:] Something would happen to his ma or family

[Ticklish] Yes on his sides 

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