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Maxwell Greene (Deceased)

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

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Name: Maxwell Greene

Nickname(s): Max

Rank/Title: Rex

Actual Age: 168

Age of appearance: 68

Date of Birth: 02.26.1704

Place of Birth: 

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: None

Chronic Diseases: None

Allergies: None

Height: 6'-2"

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown

Hair Color/Style: Short, close cropped, mostly gray with some black

Clothing Style: Suits, preferably Tweed

Other:  A tall man, that sometimes affects a small stoop for effect, Max stands at about 6'2". It helps lend to his authoritative, if calm, demeanor. His hair is kept in it's natural state and is now just as much gray as it is black. His dark skin is riddled with she spots, and his face lined, but his brown eyes are sharp, and his smile easy.

His build is thin, much like an old basketball player that managed to keep from growing fat, but became loose after he stopped working out. His hands are large and strong, still harboring the strength that had earned him the title of Rex so many years ago, but hard and cracked with dry calluses.

Play-By Used: Morgan Freeman

Max is as even keeled as they come. He's hard to rile and very good at controlling a crowd. He has a quiet way to him, a calmness that naturally attracts people and a whip like intellect to help deal with them. Very much the loyal servant, he will never sell out the people he leads and would sacrifice himself before letting a single one of them unjustly come to harm.

Under the old and weathered exterior, however, is a wolf that still has his claws. Because he'd rather sit back and stare at you with a tight lipped grin on his face, there are times when his smile inspires more fear than a scowl. Physically, he may not have the strength he used to, but the speed is still there, and his mind is still lightning fast. It's not so much his physical abilities that give him his power anyway, but his mind. Physical council is what a beta is for anyway.

He has a strict three strikes and you're out mentality, and nothing can be done to sway him. He's quite willing to pass a death sentence after the three strikes, and go to sleep that night without a second thought. Max is a born leader and though he has lofty goals for his people, he's realistic about their success, almost to a fault.

Species: Born Werewolf

Affiliation: His pack

Strengths: Knowledge, Affability, Cunning

Weaknesses: Physical Strength, Age

Animal Appearance: As a wolf, he is weathered. His dark coat has faded to gray in some areas, especially along his muzzle and around his eyes, and his coarse fur is thinner. He is tall for a wolf, but thin, with large paws. His joints are slightly knobby and his legs thin, but his dark regal gaze cannot be dented.


The only child of two werewolf parents, Max had the ideal upbringing for a werewolf. His mother had been Beta of the Tujunga pack, a surprising point of pride for his father who had enjoyed the role of Archivist. It is from these two wolves that he acquired his calm yet scissor like bite of a personality. Having gravitated more towards his father, in the beginning, Max had no aspirations of becoming the Rex. It was the history that interested him. It was how people came together in their past to work through their problems, though admittedly it had been only recently in his childhood that the packs had striven for more diplomatic ways of settling disputes rather than the hostile take overs they knew so intimately, and much of that was due to Maxwell’s influence as well.

As he matured into a young wolf, however, he came to understand how studying alone was not the key to the betterment of his species. Through his mother, the Beta of their pack, he saw that power was also needed. Not in the sense that he would be able to get whatever he wanted, but in how it was easier to influence a greater amount of people. Armed with the knowledge of the pack’s past, the ingenuity of his father, and the bravery and strength of his mother, Maxwell set out on his path to become Rex.

At the young age of 75, he got his chance. The neighboring Riverside pack had found a weakness in the Tujunga pack’s Rex: his greed. Though he was not old, Mitchell had a thirst that he could never seem to quench. He loved the power that his pack members gave him. The more land he could claim for his own, the more people he could place under him, the greater he felt. Mitchell had dreams of expanding up the northern coast and eventually into Oregon. He’d succeeded in claiming all the way up to the Monterey pack when Riverside struck. You see, while Mitchell was looking far, he wasn’t paying close enough attention to his home base. The Tujunga pack was left defenseless as it’s strongest pack members traveled north under his command to absorb the Monterey pack.

It was a silent attack, as they always were. The Den’s sentries were taken out first, their bodies sunk in the reservoir. Like a dark shadow, the Riverside pack advanced, taking out families, separating mates, and stealing the precious few children they found. By the time Tujunga realized what had happened, the L.A. pack was close to defeat. They were surrounded, cut off from their warriors with only Mitchell and a few other adult wolves to help them. Maxwell’s mother had been sent north as Beta to represent Mitchell in his quest, and therefore was of no use to the Den’s desperate plight.

The Tujunga pack fell, and Mitchell with it. He was put down as an example to all those that still harbored the desire to fight. All those who opposed the new dominant pack were either cast out, or if deemed a possible future threat, killed. Maxwell’s father had fallen in the original fight for the Den. As such, that left only Maxwell with the Pack’s history and lore. It was decided he would be spared and was absorbed into the Riverside pack. Utilizing what he knew of pack politics, Maxwell slowly worked his magic. Everyday, he created more confusion and discord in the ranks.

Many of the original Tujunga wolves that had traveled north with his Beta mother had disbanded, choosing the no man’s land life rather than return to their home that promised them only death. After hearing about the death of her mate, Maxwell’s mother had been one of those wolves. He never heard from her again.

Over time, Maxwell gained more followers within the Riverside pack. His silver tongue and easy manner inspired a loyalty that most wolves had never experienced. For them, they followed a Rex because he promised safety and prosperity, but what they came to see in Maxwell wasn’t a different way of life. They followed him because, yes, he promised them safety and prosperity, but also happiness and a life without fear. He promised them a future, not just an existence.

By the time Maxwell challenged the Rex of Riverside, it was almost just a formality. The pack had switched its allegiance to him, all that was needed was the final battle of a very long coup. It had taken 11 years, but Maxwell had done it. After a fast and decisive battle in 1931, the dark wolf had won. Not only had Riverside fallen, but the Tujunga pack was reborn. He reestablished the pack Den in the Tujunga Reservoir, and has since strengthened not only his borders, but the interactions between the neighboring packs. No longer do they slink in the night on silent paws to catch their neighbor unaware, but join in council meetings. They discuss their concerns, and though it can sometimes get heated and blood spilled, over all it is much more civilized than it once was, but at 168, some of Maxwell’s control is slipping. His mind is still as sharp as a tack, but his physical strength is waning. The metaphorical buzzards are circling. He knows this, but it won’t stop him. He still has too much to do before he dies and passes on his title of Rex.

Other:  Maxwell is well aware of the limitations placed upon him by age.  The clock is against him, and he is currently feeling that crunch.

Likes: Genuine People, aspiration, Quiet Contemplation

Dislikes: Egos, overcompensation, Tea, coffee

Hobbies: Fishing, Woodworking

Can usually be found: Tujunga Den

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Food: Anything that can clog his arteries, Chocolate

Favorite Drink: Fruit Juice

Favorite Alcoholic Drink:  Whiskey

Favorite Music:  Bluegrass

Favorite Read: 

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