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Michael Landon

Updated: May 20, 2020

Player Info

Player Name: Elena

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Character Basics

Name: Michael Landon

Nickname(s): None

Rank/Title: Rex

Actual Age: 43

Age of appearance: Mid 30s

Date of Birth: May 15th, 1829

Place of Birth: London, England

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: The wolf

Chronic Diseases: None

Allergies: None

Physical Description

Height: 5’11”

Eye Color: Blue/green

Hair Color/Style: curly dark blond

Other: Michael has curly light-brown hair and light blue eyes. His clothing style is quite casual, with an edge, although he can also use a more classic and refined outfit if the situation requires it. He uses accessories, such as leather bracelets or necklaces.

Play-By Used: Joseph Morgan


Michael is very determined. In addition, he is extremely confident. He never actually doubts that he will succeed. He uses virtually everyone who happens to be in his life to his own benefit; if someone serves no higher purpose, they won't last in his life very long. Furthermore, he sees those with different ranks in life on varying levels of usefulness. Humans are pawns, witches can be useful. Vampires are obviously the enemy, and so are hunters. Everyone in a pack needs to have a purpose. There can be no slackers, and if everyone is working together, Michael is a very happy Rex.

Even with his obvious brash nature, Michael is not a ravenous killing machine. He does not kill other wolves, that is one of his most important moral rules. Not unless they kill someone, then he will gladly be the executioner. He does not kill humans, unless they kill his kind, same with witches, as his mom was one. He has a fondness for them, in fact.

He is very cunning and strategic. He always has back-up plans in effect, as he's had far too much go wrong in his life. He usually prefers to do things himself, so it’s hard for him to divide power with his beta, but if he has to, he will. He does not tolerate mistakes.

It’s easy to say that Michael has trusted very few people in his life. He will give the benefit of the doubt, but always expects people to disappoint him in the end. Usually, this angers him. He takes disappointment and betrayal really deeply. He’ll have a raging temper, which will make him unforgiving.

Species: Born were

Affiliation: Kansas pack

Strengths: Able to lead; has a solid vision of future; steadfast in his determination; can be very charming and quick-witted

Weaknesses: Can be manipulating; impulsive; doesn’t take betrayal easily; when angry, is angry

Animal Appearance: Black wolf with gray markings

Background History

Michael was born to a witch mother and werewolf father, and they belonged to a pack on the outskirts of London. The pack was lenient, so they accepted his mother and tolerated his father’s hard-drinking. From a young age, Michael was ambitious. He frequently saw his father as a disappointment in how wolves should be and so didn’t have a good relationship with him. He was close to his mother, on the other hand, who taught Michael medicinal properties and herbal remedies despite his lack of magic. She helped Michael to rein his wolf yet control it, and therefore to be in harmony with it. Strange considering that she was not a were herself, but she believed that weres were magic themselves. This frequently irritated Michael’s father, who wanted to be the one to teach his son the ways of the wolf. But he was drunk more than half the time. And often, he and his son got into fights. In fact, his father got into fights with a lot of others.

When his father killed someone in a fit of rage, that was the end for the family. Killing a fellow pack member without reason was considered a capital offense, and his father was sentenced to death. Michael’s mother grieved the loss of her husband, blaming herself for not being able to temper him the way she did Michael. He, on the other hand, was so ashamed of his father, Michael grieved the loss of their pack more. They were banished. Left alone, Michael and his mother had to fend for themselves.

They relied on her gift of apothecary practices. She found an apothecary to work in. Michael did odd jobs and often played the role of bodyguard to those humans of much higher station. They had a few years of a decent life until his mother’s boss suspected something unnerving about his mother....and fired her. Michael took care of his mother on his own income, and it was a struggle.

Unfortunately, the apothecary owner let his tongue slip, called Michael’s mother a witch. It wasn’t exactly a witch hunt that ensued. There were no hunters. But one night, his mother was followed home and taken. Michael found her a few days later, and she was...discarded like some street beggar. Unable to control his rage, Michael then found the men, the apothecary owner and killed them all. It was the first time that he couldn’t control the beast inside.

Since then, his temperament changed. He tried to stay true to what his mother had taught him, but he couldn’t. He became meaner, quick to anger. He also felt powerless. No pack. All alone. After burying his mother, he left for America.

There he saught out wolves. They would never replace the family he had, but he wanted to belong, and he wanted to prove himself. He wanted to climb ranks. He didn’t last long in the first pack in Virginia, but he did leave with them recognizing him as a strong wolf. He moved west.

In Kansas, he found a pack and challenged the Rex, who was older than him but certainly not a senior. Michael won. A newcomer, a stranger essentially, took over an entire pack and left them speechless. But those were the rules. Michael had plans. Some quickly grew to like him. For some, it took time. He won them by speeches of wolf pride, preservation, family, and most importantly loyalty.

He has served for three years so far. When news came of vampires acquiring the territories, Michael knew his pack needed to prepare. The pack where the most vampires gathered was near Denver. Leaving his own pack with his Beta, Michael set off to Denver to see Maxwell Green, to see if he would ally with him in an upcoming war. Michael is certain it’s about to happen.

Other: Michael will readily fight Max to take over his pack, although that’s if Max doesn’t align with him.


Rex of Kansas pack. Has some businesses.

Living Situation

Address: Kansas

Lived There Since: three yeares

Lives With: with his pack


A horse

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