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Mordecai Ephram Byers

Player Info

Player Name: Abbey

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Character Basics

Name: Mordecai Ephram Byers

Nickname(s): None

Rank/Title: Victoria's Muscle

Actual Age: 100

Age of appearance: late 30s

Date of Birth: Jan. 15 1772

Place of Birth: Boston

Marital Status: widowed/single

Sexual Orientation: straight

Religion: none

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: sun

Physical Description

Height: 6’1”

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color/Style: Shaved

Other: Tattoos all up his arms and back of various designs

Play-By Used: Dominic Purcell


Mordecai is obsessive, unstable, hot-headed and sometimes loses focus. He is highly impulsive, combative, and is somewhat hyperactive as he despises sitting around and doing nothing. He is certainly a man of action who prefers getting things done as opposed to analyzing them. A man that loves to give into his violent tendencies, he loves squashing good where he finds it.

Species: Vampire

Affiliation: Victoria

Blood Preferences: Women, hunters

Strengths: physically very powerful, revels in the hunt and blood, great with weapons

Weaknesses: impulsive, loses himself in the moment, the sun

Background History

Mordecai was born in Boston and his father fought and died in the War for Independence. When he was 25, he married but it was only a marriage of convenience. He took on the semblance of a proper man to cover up his more… Lurid activities. He enjoyed murder. After 10 years, he finally was through with the facade and killed his wife. Going on the run, he was found by a vampire who turned him into one as they were kindred spirits. Mordecai learned what he could, then killed that vampire so no one would have a hold over him.

He participated in the civil war on whichever side he woke up feeling like that day. He just wanted the fighting and the blood. Joining up with Victoria has given him plenty of targets and he’s begun going around with a young vampire named Topher to kill and collect for her.

Other: He actually kind of likes Topher as a friend which is unusual for him as he doesn’t make friends



Living Situation

Address: Victoria’s farm/anywhere

Lived There Since: He was turned

Lives With: Victoria, Topher, other vampires there

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