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Name: Nikolai Aleksandrovich Orlov (changed his last name in the 19th century to modernize it; Orlov stems from the Russian word that means "eagle")

Nickname(s): Nick, Kolya (in Russian)

Rank/Title: Baron of Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties

Actual Age: 652

Age of appearance: Mid-late thirties

Date of Birth: November 24th, 1220

Place of Birth: Kievan Rus' – Modern day Moscow, Russia

Marital Status: Unmarried, despite a prior romantic entanglement; widowed as a human

Sexual Orientation: Straight; yet has been with men a few times for non-romantic purposes, but for the purposes of his agendas

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: Sun

Height: 6’3”

Eye Color: Sometimes blue sometimes grey

Hair Color/Style: Light brown, usually combed back.

Clothing Style: Nick will dress clean and to a tee in suits, crisp button-downs, ties, perfectly shined shoes. People will almost never see him in anything other than suits of the best quality. Underneath his shirts, he wears a Russian orthodox silver cross.

Other: Nick is tall for a Russian, but he has always been decently fit, not too muscled, yet certainly not skinny. As a vampire, he is very strong for his build due to his age. The immortal life he leads with the consumption of blood has preserved his appearance of a handsome, European-looking thirty-thirty year old.

Play-By Used: Alexander Skarsgard


Nick is calculating, brooding oftentimes, yet loyal and generally willing to absolve those that aggravate him, unless they have grievously crossed him. He is particularly loyal to those closest to him: his ward, Celeste: his friends, his close business partners, and several members of the vampire government that he is a part of. He will do anything for them. However, to achieve such a level of respect from him is difficult. He has high standards. He tolerates those he must tolerate, such as those above his own authority, but Nick does have an ego and will often times raise his nose at those that he considers inferior. An individual must prove him or herself. Some people however, of any species, impress him without trying. It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

Nick is frank, generally not sentimental on a surface level; but when the happiness and well-being of someone he cares about is at stake, he will show his concern and care through actions, not words, and can most definitely put his or her needs above his own. At present, there is no one he loves more than his ward, his adoptive daughter, Celeste. Despite her trying his patience every now and then with her impulsivity and disregard for rules, he loves her. She’s the child he was never able to have.

Being a restrained and methodical individual, Nick is mostly in control of his emotions. He rarely loses his temper, but can show a great potential for violence when pushed. He can be downright scary then. He does not think he needs to prove himself, however. He is proud of his life, his status, the things he has. Over 600 years on earth has given him a plethora of experience and knowledge, and so he can back up his high opinion of himself. Despite this, having Nick on one's side is in his or her best interest. If an individual is within his circle, he will return loyalty and respect wholeheartedly. He enjoys life in his own way, one that may not be quite open and expressed, but it is characteristic of most Russians. He values everything he has nonetheless. He has a dark sense of humor as well.

Regarding romance and partners, Nick is also restrained, perhaps even a bit reserved. He does not grieve over his wife from those hundreds of years ago by now. He has not entertained the idea of a lasting, enteral relationship with anyone since he and Jacqueline Cormier were together.

Regarding his position, Nick takes his responsibilities very seriously. He is proud of the job he has achieved. He was content by simply being laird, but Queen Iovita gave him no choice but to be a baron now and so Nick must do his duties.

Although he is not overly religious, Nick has preserved his own culture and religion within him, remembers it and values it.

Although Nick loves feeding off of humans, preferring live blood, he is not a killer. He's killed before, but he's past that. He'll kill if he has to and those he has to, if he ever does. Almost never now. So he's generally not a human killer, especially in his political position.

Species: Vampire

Affiliation: Vampire Government of America

Blood Preferences: Live Human, stored fresh blood

Strengths: Confidence, experience, intellect, honesty, loyalty; generosity toward those closest to him

Weaknesses: Can be manipulative, ruthless, cold, harsh, closed off emotionally; a difficult boss


Nick was born during a time when the Mongol Empire was already invading Rus' in the 13th century, destroying numerous cities. Moscow was a small trading fort in central Rus', on what was then forested land, and Nick's family upbringing was modest. His father was in fact a trader of timber, and Nick had four other brothers and sisters, two of each. It was a village life, rather simple, and for a good portion of his life, Nick was content.

But there were whisperings that a threat loomed, ever since his birth and earlier, about a massive foreign enemy from an alien land. That enemy had taken over other peoples, and there was known word of other battles and fights over parts of an already diminishing Rus'. It was only a matter of time.

In 1236, Nick was about eighteen and prepared for war along with his father and brothers. Although it had taken the span of Nick's childhood for the Mongols to reach the little town of Moscow, when they did, overtaking it was easy. The villagers were ants squashed by the Golden Horde. Most inhabitants died. Some escaped - Nick, his father, and only one sister included among surviving townfolk. The deaths of the others in his family were tragic, but the surrounding forests and rivers provided a chance to escape and they had no choice. There was even word that the royal family perished during the overtaking of other cities. The following years consisted of settling elsewhere in attempt to survive, banding with fellow Slavs against the Mongols, fighting to no avail, still. There was no choice but to yield, or die. Nick and his family chose to succumb, as did most of those who had lived.

The Mongols swept up Rus' in a matter of a few years. Nick and his tiny family followed refuges that moved mostly to the northeast, into the forested region between the upper Volga and the Oka Rivers. There they established new lives, attempted to, at least. Nick even married a girl from the new established village around the age of twenty-six. He had no children, however, as they were unable to conceive. Nick and his father, who was growing old (as the average human lifespan was short back then) resumed trading. But by then, all of Rus' had long submitted to the Mongol rule, such as cities like Kiev, Novgorod, Smolensk. Moscow, however--Nick would only see the city rebuilt after his life took the supernatural turn that it did, and he was no longer bound by human limits of mortality.

His maker was a large, hefty Mongol, who was a rich merchant in the Mongol established city of Sarai, near the modern day city of Astrakhan. Several Rus' princes had come to Sarai to pledge allegiance to the Khan and receive his stamp of authority, and this enabled relatively safe travel to and fro. Nick's maker had taken an interest in him--Nick and his father were much more modest in comparison, and this was a breath of fresh air to the Mongol; there was also something in brooding Nick that he liked. The three men were quick to gain a friendship (although Nick had always had a suspicion of the Mongol), especially Nick's father, who was old and only wanted to be certain that his family would be happy and provided for when he would no longer be living. He welcomed the Mongol's friendship and generosity wholeheartedly.

By this time, Nick's sister had married and had a family of her own. Nick and his wife loved each other, yet the lack of children soured their relationship. His wife, depressed, grew weak and frail. Nick's only mission was to provide for all of them, including his sister. He was gone often on his trading trips, even after his father had died of an injury sustained during one such trip, to Sarai. By knowing the Mongol, Nick grew in favor of other members of the Golden Horde and the city. But Nick was always on guard, even as he smiled and suppressed his distaste for the people that had overtaken his country. The more he got to know the Mongol, the more he noticed his odd habits.

Although the Mongol was tanned-skinned, he seemingly had a skin allergy and always put creams onto his skin, was in search of remedies and potions to prevent the burning he always felt when he would go out into the sun. Creams, potions, medicines from elsewhere were a luxury to Nick and his family--hell, to his entire own village. But the Mongol was rich. He even wore specially made sunglasses, and covered himself in great silks, furs, and fabrics.

One day Nick had gotten deathly ill, as plagues and sicknesses were very common, and the Mongol had decided to save him. The Mongol ventured to his village with his supposed cure, frightened the townsfolk with his strange aura and worldly appearance, yet after a little over a week of a near-death state, Nick awoke, healthier than before. His sickly wife was wonderfully happy, as was his sister, to have Nick out of death's grasp. His townspeople, however, were suspicious and grew frightened by the Mongol's strange, shamanistic ways. Nick, changed, struggled at first, questioned why his own father couldn't have been saved. The Mongol told Nick that he had seen more potential in him, and it had been his father's time to die. Then very shortly after Nick's turning, his wife and sister mysteriously died, presumably murdered by other less than friendly Mongols, and this made everything worse.

With the townspeople kicking the Mongol out and Nick, now a changed man, the two men left. It was easy for Nick to yield, as the Mongol was his sire, and Nick had little choice in the matter. The Mongol made Nick his protégé, and for many years, they lived in Sarai, and the Mongol taught Nick everything he knew. Although it took a while for Nick to trust the man, who essentially tricked him without giving him a choice as to whether to die or to live as a vampire, eventually Nick grew to tolerate his sire. They grew to high ranks within the city, and the Mongol helped Nick establish a noble rank among Rus' nobility.

As Moscow was rebuilt, Nick left the Mongol and returned to be a part of Moscow's rebirth in the 14th century. The downfall of their sire-progeny relationship happened during this time. Nick participated in Moscow's development into a stable and prosperous principality (known as the Grand Duchy of Moscow), embraced his vampire nature, and carefully attempted to be a part of history due to the love of his people (Nick never tried to reach too high, only just enough to influence as much as was needed and safe). By providing tribute, professing allegiance, and helping in tax collect, Moscow was able to prosper and achieved success.

Within the 14th century, slave trade grew and raids on Nick's people became significant, with the purpose of trading slaves with the Ottoman Empire. Upon discovering that his sire the Mongol was taking part in the trade, Nick grew furious. His hatred of the Mongol was exacerbated when the Mongol himself admitted that he killed his wife and sister those years ago because the Mongol believed that Nick could no longer have them in his life, they hadn't been needed, and had to die because they would never let him go. The Mongol claimed that he wanted only the best for Nick, knew what was best, as he was his sire. He wanted Nick to only have him, his true family in the sire's eyes. But Nick was disgusted. No matter how the Mongol seemed to pride in and love him, Nick renounced him as his maker. The Mongol, however, did not lash out, did not end Nick's life. Forever tied to him, the Mongol knew that Nick could never really escape him, no matter how far Nick tried to run and how hard he tried to keep away from him.

Nick was among many of those in Moscow who opposed the foreign rule. In 1380, Nick participated in the battle of Kulikova, which was an important victory over the Horde. Even though Moscow was then sacked again, in the next century, Ivan the third, the prince of Moscow at the time, finally freed the city from Mongol rule and Nick was there every step of the way, witnessing the city grow and become the capital of the empire.

At the beginning of the 15th century, when the Mongol rule had declined, Nick sought out his sire to kill him, as the need for revenge was still strong within him, and no amount of power, achievement of rank, or prosperity of his beloved Moscow could qualm the fury and betrayal that Nick still felt from the murder of his family. It took several years to find the Mongol, who had caught word that his progeny was looking for him, but Nick managed to kill him, although most of it may have been pure luck, as the Mongol was much older.

After the bastard's death, Nick traveled through Europe, with the excuse of being a representative of Moscow and a high ranking noble beneath the princes. By the end of the 1400s, Moscow became a central power and he wore his nobility proudly. He often stayed in his home country and participated in its politics, but he continued to travel for the next three centuries. He made many connections, but few friends, as he didn’t trust most of his own kind. He kept everyone at arm’s length, preferring to be a loner. Of course, he attended meetings, parties, and soirees of other vampires. He was simply known as the quiet, stoic Russian whose loyalties were hard-earned.

In 1704, Nick met a germanic vampire named Klaus, with whom he actually became friends with. There was something about Klaus’ lively energy, which contradicted Nick’s own stolidity. Naturally, even in friendships, opposites attract. Klaus was also an old vampire, and both men related on many topics, such as war, the general changing of times, and both had had apparently rough human lives, to boot. Nick divulged that he’d killed his sire, something that he hadn’t told anyone until Klaus had come into his life, and Klaus admitted that he’d had a daughter who’d died when he was human, and even still he grieved her passing. Although they were what they were, memories of their past lives weren’t forgotten.

The friendship, unfortunately, was short-lived, and Nick would come to regret letting down his walls and opening up to someone. During one of Klaus’ invitations, Nick discovered a dark secret within his home. Considering what Klaus had told him, about his daughter from centuries ago, Nick couldn’t accept the fact that Klaus had kidnapped a little girl, and worse yet, that he’d turned her into one of them. Nevermind that it was illegal. Nick abhorred those who turned their unwilling victims, for he’d been one himself at the hands of the Mongol. And this was a child!

There was no reasoning that Nick accepted when he confronted Klaus. Nick didn’t do it in front of the other guests. He waited until they were alone. Protocol might’ve said to send word to the nearest vampire enforcer to carry out the punishment. Nick, however, wouldn’t bother with that. It would take too long, and Klaus could get away with his crime. They were evenly matched, but the element of surprise helped Nick in killing him. He didn’t hesitate in breaking one of the chairs of Klaus’ parlor and stabbing him in the heart with a shard of wood. This event was a testament to Nick’s staunch morals. Though he might’ve been a killer himself, when need be, he was unwavering when it came to justice.

Nick didn’t consider suddenly being Celeste’s new father when he took her out of there. He just wanted to protect her, initially, to keep her safe. She’d been through so much, and it had undone him to see her struggle as a newborn vampire. He’d never considered making a progeny, let alone adopting one. But it became natural to him the longer he remained with her. The girl needed someone, was lost, who knew where her parents were. She couldn’t go back to them, anyway. He’d wanted children when he was human, and with Celeste, he tapped into that hidden desire of fatherhood without realizing it. He taught her everything he knew, raised her, shielded her, and together they witnessed numerous more battles, wars, and rulers. For the next couple of decades they continued to travel, reinventing themselves.

In 1746, he and Celeste made their way to Colmar, Alsace, France in the guise of nobles from Russia. He and Celeste settled near Maxime de Rochechouart and Diane Cormier and subsequently made friends with them and others within French noble society. As always, their presence among humans was more for show and to prevent any suspicion while Nick's main job was for the vampire government. Nick had been appointed to vampire enforcer and investigated claims of vampires breaking the law. Outside of work, he mingled with the nobles to establish his place in Alsace.

At a party, he met Maxime de Rochechouart’s daughter, Jacqueline. Before becoming father to Celeste, there were women that Nick had a few romps with throughout decades. They were hardly romantic. He was a man, and a vampire, and all men who were vampires had urges. But since becoming a father, Nick’s focus was primarily on Celeste. To say that he ignored human women was an understatement. He hadn’t the slightest interest in any of them. But for some reason, Jacqueline appealed to him. Although he hid it initially. It was something about her that at that time no other women had. She clearly balked against the expectations of her sex. She was opinionated, had personality, a mind of her own, and by Nick’s age, few things about humans truly impressed him.

When Rochechouart sensed Nick’s intrigue, he quickly urged him to take his daughter’s hand in marriage. Nick got the idea that marrying the girl off had been difficult thus far. He didn’t blame Jacqueline for it, but he still hesitated. Not because he wasn’t attracted to her. It was because he had a “daughter,” and the both of them were vampires. Rochechouart did everything he could to convince Nick. And Nick took a major risk when he agreed to court Jacqueline. He couldn’t deny to himself that he wanted to get to know her, and the more conversations they had, about anything and everything, the deeper his attraction had gotten. He felt himself falling in love… However, during the entire courtship, there was always a part of Nick that was guarded, wary, a part of his mind that reminded him how marrying this girl wouldn’t be possible; he was just indulging a fantasy...pretending. The more he “pretended” the more difficult it became.

He wanted Jacqueline to meet Celeste. He wanted to tell her who and what they were. He knew of vampires who started off this way with their mates, then turned them in the end. But that was the issue. Nick could not imagine turning this fiery, beautiful girl into what he was, couldn’t imagine taking away her human life that in many ways could’ve been much more beautiful than the life of a vampire. He couldn’t imagine using his affection as an excuse to spend eternity together. It would be akin to forcing her. For both of their sakes, Nick began to believe that the best thing to do would be to break it off, to reject her like so many potential suitors already had.

Before he could do it, Jacqueline fell ill. No one expected it. Years later, Nick would wonder if fate somehow orchestrated this so they could be together. Survival rate of influenza at the time was slim. Some people survived, but Jacqueline’s prognosis was bad. And Nick could not imagine losing her. As beautiful as a human life could be, it was also fragile, so fragile that if Nick hadn’t saved Jacqueline, she would’ve been gone forever. It was that night when they were alone and she was on her deathbed that he confessed to her what he and his daughter were. He still gave Jacqueline a choice. He told her that he loved her, having never expressed it before, and that if she wanted to be with him, he could free her from her illness, and she would never be sick again. But she had to agree to it. Despite his love, he would not be selfish.

Together, the three of them, he, Jacqueline and Celeste became a family. Nick continued his work as an enforcer. A few decades later nearing the French revolution, he was tasked with investigating a vampire by the name of Alexandria Evelyn Christine Heloise Maitland. He got himself an invitation to one of her gatherings and doing what he did best, he informed her that the Council had their eyes on her, but not in a good way. Despite her eccentricities, the woman proved to be smart and if she fixed her act, she could become useful for the Council in the future. He saw potential, although she had to prove herself. Nick never had a female friend, nor one that he wasn’t romantically interested in. Throughout the following years, they actually became friends. This was different than what he’d had with Klaus. This was a natural progression. Eve coaxed Nick out of his shell, and she was honest, while Klaus had something to hide. Even Jacqueline got along with Eve.

And being Nick’s friend, he did help Eve get a position with the Council, while he himself rose to Laird of an area in France. Iovita Moraitis was the one who found him and offered him rank within America's growing vampire government before the American Civil War began. She was always impressed by what she’d heard of him. Unfortunately, Jacqueline didn’t want to follow him and Celeste to America. At first, it was a blow. There was no compromise between them. And knowing that Jacqueline’s mind wouldn’t change, he had no choice but to accept her decision because he loved her.

First, he was Laird of a county in Massachusetts. Because she trusted him, Iovita then asked him to move to Colorado Territory to become Baron.

Other: Nick has a slight Russian accent. He speaks perfect Russian, English, French, German, along with some other European languages. He has a lot of Russian relics, paintings, and historical objects, including religious, decorating the parts of his hotel.


Business owner, Baron/Laird

Living Situation

Address: Hotel Scarlett

Lived There Since: 1870

Lives With: Celeste



Likes: Finer things in life; history; the new life he’s started with Celeste in this part of the country; to give his opinion on matters; his job; prized artifacts; bidding on said artifacts

Dislikes: stupidity, pettiness, humans who don’t apply themselves, werewolves, bad hygiene

Hobbies: Collecting artifacts, religious icons; people watching

Can usually be found: Hotel, various places around town; wherever Eve Maitland may drag him.

Favorite Color: Dark colors

Favorite Food: Blood

Favorite Drink: Blood

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: hard liquor such as vodka, although it does little in comparison to what it does to humans.

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