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Nora Rheinhart

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Player Info

Player Name: Rel

Player E-Mail:

Character Basics

Name: Leonora Rheinhart

Nickname(s): Nora

Rank/Title: Pack Member; Pack Ambassador

Actual Age: 36

Age of appearance: 32

Date of Birth: July 4th

Place of Birth: Wyoming

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: None

Chronic Diseases: Lycanthropy

Allergies: Silver

Physical Description

Height: 5'4

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color/Style: Short and wavy, hangs around chin length. It's a dirty blonde/light brown.

Other: (such as tattoos, piercings, birthmarks, clothing style, etc.)

Play-By Used: Rachel McAdams


Passion, thy name is Nora. It doesn't matter if it's joy, rage, love, or loyalty, Nora will dedicate herself to it body and soul. She never does anything in part measures. She is loyal to a fault, and very much the ride or die friend.

Unfortunately, because of the natural inclination toward addiction, and the passion that makes her who she is, Nora has a tendency to put up walls around the most vulnerable parts of herself. It's not her physical well being that she guards so closely, but rather her heart. It's because of that, that putting herself out there and allowing someone to step past those walls is so very rare, and feeds into the reason she left the pack years ago to be their Envoy.

Species: Born Wolf

Affiliation: Denver Pack

Strengths: She's as loyal as they come and smart. She's got great instincts when she doesn't let her heart cloud things. She's a crack shot with a pistol and rifle.

Weaknesses: Her emotion can cloud her judgement. She's prone to running (from problems, emotions, anything that might draw people close), which can be problematic with an addictive personality.

Animal Appearance:

Background History

Nora was born into the Denver pack. Her mother, Darlene, and father, Arthur, had been members for years, and the problems between them started long before Leonora was born. Her father had always been a social climber, or at least he'd always had the desire to be one, but his addictions kept him from actually succeeding in just about anything he did. The man wasn't just prone to drink, he was reliant on it. It was like his brain couldn't function if it wasn't soaked in a brine of alcohol. Her mother had been a sweet wolf, but a woman that was incredibly co-dependent. She wasn't happy unless she had someone to take care of, which worked out great having a husband like Arthur.

As a result, once Nora came into the world, her home life couldn't have been considered stable, but what the pup did have was pack, and Lee Ann quickly became someone she could depend on.

Tragedy struck in the form of a horse and cart accident. Wolves might have had accelerated healing, but nothing could save Darlene from the weight of a fully loaded cart turning over on her. She'd been carting goods back up to the Pack House from town, when the horse had been spooked and bolted. The road had partially washed out along a cliff face, and when the cart started to slip, Darlene hadn't been fast enough to escape it. The cart rolled, along with the horse, and took the wolf with it.

Arthur lost himself in the bottle in a way he never had before. Even having a young pup to look after couldn't straighten him out. Though Nora lived with Arthur until his death about 10 years later when Nora was about 12, it had been Lee Ann that was responsible for keeping her healthy and hale. Arthur had always hated the Kings. They'd achieved with the Rex something he'd never had a chance to achieve, and that had been prestige and power. Over the years, they'd become the poster for all of his problems, which then culminated with their "theft" of his daughter.

Arthur died an embittered old wolf when his liver could no longer take the abuse and he faded away in the night.

For Nora, it was a loss, but it was also a moment of freedom. She was free of her past, and fueled by that hereditary drive that her father had gifted her with, she was ready to make something of herself.

She loved Jake and Finn like the brothers she'd never had, though in her teenage years, an awareness of how that love started to change became apparent. Her heart started beating for Jake, but fear of being rebuffed and losing the bond they had always kept her quiet.

It wasn't until one full moon years later that she'd finally admitted her feelings to the man, only for her greatest fear to come to life. While Jake loved her, it was not and could never be a love that was shared between mates.

Shattered, Nora did what she was good at: she ran. Rather than leave the pack, Nora asked to become the Pack Ambassador. This would give her what she needed to remain a part of Denver, but also give her the physical distance she so desperately needed.

Now, years later, Nora is back, never having planned to stay, but finding she might not have a choice...

Living Situation

Address: The Farm

Lived There Since: A few days

Lives With:



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