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Osric Smith

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Player Info

Player Name: Abbey

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Character Basics

Name: Osric Smith - actual last name is Ornall

Nickname(s): Oz, Ozzie - HATES Rick

Rank/Title: Warlock/Loner

Actual Age: 32

Age of appearance: Late 20/early 30

Date of Birth: November 1st 1849

Place of Birth: Chicago IL

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Religion: Magic

Chronic Diseases: None

Allergies: None

Physical Description

Height: 6’5”

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color/Style: Blonde/cropped short and buzzed on sides

Osric is a tall and well built man full of strength and vigor.  He obviously keeps his body strong, and he states it is because it keeps his magic strong.  His short hair is blonde with some lines shaved into the sides of his face in some unknown design.  He has slightly darker facial hair that he keeps in a groomed beard. A strong face, surprisingly impish eyes peek out from under fairly thick eyebrows.  Those green eyes usually flicker with some kind of mischief. Oz has a tattoo in the shape of a flame on his left upper arm that he generally hides.

His attire is sharp and well put together for a man that has been traveling as long as he says he has.  He prefers to wear the color blue.

Play-By Used: Chris Hemsworth


Osric is a bit of a prankster although his mother always told him he could do more with his life.  Born a warlock, having magic is the only thing he’s ever known. Given his elemental speciality, many would think him hot headed… He’s not really.  He has a temper of course, but he prefers to joke and brush off most things. He lives a fairly carefree life by wandering around the country, taking on work when he needs or wants to.  But once he takes on a job, it is a manner of pride for him to complete it. And do it well. A strong physical body, he can do a lot without most even knowing he was magical.

Not many know this or see it often, but he is slightly afraid of himself.

Species: Born Warlock

Affiliation: None

Specialties or Elements: Fire magic

Strengths: Jack of many trades, strong, plenty of endurance, laid back, great with firearms and fighting

Weaknesses: Struggles to take things seriously, Water

Familiar: Fox whom he calls Refr

Background History

Osric was born in Chicago IL into a family of witches.  Most of his familial line utilizes elemental magic, Fire being one of the rarer abilities.  As a child, he would be near incidents of fire and his family realized that this may be his element.  His parents were delighted to see that somehow fire didn’t burn him, and he could light things without using a flint or other methods.  To him, it was all a big game. Many witches in the area found out and dark witches began coming around… Whispering to him… Trying to get him to use the full extent of his magic.  But as a young man, he was afraid. His family was historically white magic users and he didn’t want to let them down.

As he grew older, his magic grew.  It was when he hit the age of 16 that his familiar Refr appeared to him.  He adored the fox familiar and the two were constantly getting into mischief together.  Whenever he was not studying spells and the like. He went to a normal school with other youths his age, even making human friends.  His magic was just something that was a part of him… It was not everything he was. Eventually he decided he wanted to go into business, working at a large up and coming company in Chicago.  He didn’t need his magic, but they helped when used sparingly. His family, understanding his hesitance in using the fairly wild element of fire, did not pressure him into using it. He bought a home that wasn’t far from his parents and even had a girlfriend named Elizabett.  Life was looking fairly rosey.

Until a 26 year old Oz brought Elizabett home to inform his parents that they planned to wed.  The same Dark Magic witches that had been interested in him as a young boy saw the strong man he had become.  Even though he did not use it much, his magic was strong. The night they were at his parents, the dark witches attacked his family quickly killing his parents and siblings.  But the worst part… The thing that still keeps him awake is the fact that he was the one that killed his Elizabett. Drawing upon his magic in an attempt to rebuff the witches… Drawing Too much in fact… He took from her the energy needed for the spell.  The flames seared away the witches, but left his beloved Elizabett dead at his feet. The flames that he summoned were wild and uncontrolled… Quickly devouring the house. With his life in ruins, he fled.

Oz took to the road, running and traveling.  He started out by going to the eastern shores of America, before eventually turning around and heading to the west where he could reinvent himself.  Or get lost. He did not care which. He began drinking a lot… And using his magic less. Refr never left his side, only hoping that eventually Oz would come back to himself… Stop blaming himself.  The only way he knew to not hurt was to make everything a joke. He lived that lie for so long, it became the truth. Ever since that night he has traveled, working as a sometimes mercenary or jack of all trades.  He is strong, so he is somehow always able to find work. He rarely stays anywhere for long… The next stop on his journey is Denver.

Other: He has killed before when his fire got out of control.  The fact that he killed using his magic upsets him greatly, especially who it was.  Even as a mercenary/bounty hunter he will usually only use his physical aspects to bring someone in.




Walks around town mostly.  Does have a palomino horse named Ember


Likes: Refr, Fire, fast music, coffee, whiskey, jokes

Dislikes: Deep water, people that can’t take a joke

Hobbies: drinking, exercising

Can usually be found: the bar, down by the river

Favorite Color: Blue (surprisingly)

Favorite Food: bacon is good

Favorite Drink: Whiskey oh… or coffee

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Whiskey again

Favorite Music: anything fast

Favorite Read: Eh not his thing really although he gets a kick out of the Divine Comedy

Some Facts (Optional)

[Smoking:] yup

[Drinks Alcohol:] quite a lot

[Religion:] not really interested

[Worst Habit:] Playing with fire

[Biggest Fear:] Drowning, killing someone with his magic

[Weapons] That’s what fiery magic and spells are for although he will use a gun when he’s completing a bountyOsric Smith

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