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Sarah Grace Ambrewster

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

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Character Basics

Name: Sarah Grace Ambrewster

Nickname(s): Sarey, Surrey, Gracie (writing pseudonym is Dirk Benson)

Actual Age: 26

Date of Birth: January 1st

Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA?

Marital Status: Unmarried

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual but possibly open?

Religion: Methodist

Chronic Diseases: None

Allergies: Slight hayfever, may also sneeze around dust

Physical Description

Height: 5’4”

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color/Style: Red/Light Auburn and usually falling out of the updo she’s trying to wear. Occasionally she just gets tired of this and just lets it cascade down her back.

Other: Thin but healthy. A small birthmark high on her right thigh that she doesn’t think about much. Her wardrobe is clean, well cared for dresses, gloves, hats, and other nice accessories, although she had 2 sets of “men’s” clothes with shirts, pants and boots made before she moved West. Those aren’t something she wears out in public outings.

Play-By Used: Karen Gillan


Sarah Grace is a smart, energetic woman who is normally pleasant and friendly, but she seems to overthink things and often gets bogged down in her own internal-to-external monologue while working things through. To others, she might appear to panic in a crisis by the amount of chatter she carries on with herself, but in truth she is actually one of the more level headed people in the room at any time.

She doesn’t appear to be easily angered, but it annoys her when she’s treated like a “little lady” or otherwise underestimated, and the annoyance will come out as a verbal confrontation or angry muttering if she manages to hold her tongue in order to stay out of trouble. She doesn’t often swear or use any type of obscenity. Her speech pattern is genteel and cultured and her accent is Midwestern.

Sarah Grace is clever, but sometimes lets her emotions overrule what she knows to be the best course of action. So far, she’s always been able to talk or think her way out of situations she’s gotten herself into, so she’s a bit over confident that this will always be the case. She’s never been in love and she has no idea what it entails. She trusts others until she finds a reason not to, but she picks up on hints or details rather quickly. Her favorite color is gray and her favorite season is winter. She likes to watch rivers and rainstorms and she loves pets and children.

Species: Human

Strengths: Smart, creative, good in an argument, level headed

Weaknesses: Very trusting and can be naive. Doesn’t remember to use the filter between her thoughts and her mouth as often as she should.

Favorite Food: Sweets of any kind

Favorite Drink: Hot tea with one lump

Weapons: She actually has a small revolver that she’s shot twice

Is Ticklish: Unless she’s holding her breath and tightening muscles

Background History:

Sarah Grace doesn’t remember her birth parents. She was adopted by Anne and Caleb Ambrewster in Pittsburgh, PA when she was around two years old and was brought up as their only child. Caleb Ambrewster was a bookkeeping clerk for a steel company and the family had a nice home in the city and a typical, boring life.

Sarah Grace didn’t really fit the life she’d been brought into. She got in trouble at school, talking back to the teacher and fighting with boys who thought she shouldn’t be as good in math as they were. After many verbal confrontations, she finally punched one of her classmates in the nose at twelve and promptly got suspended.

From there, her mother decided to teach her at home and she learned many of the “womanly” arts such as sewing, tatting, cooking, and homemaking. She also learned to play the piano and sing. She hated all of it (except the music) and spent her free time reading books that were deemed inappropriate for women, which was almost everything. Eventually she found her way to dime novels and was caught up in stories of the West. Those led her to penny dreadfuls, which she found terrifying and eventually put down after imagining she’d seen someone lurking in the shadows in her room.

Boredom eventually caught up with Sarah Grace and she found herself writing flights of fancy with a western twist. Most of her stories were about handsome cowboys who always chased down the criminal bank robbers and brought them to justice. After realizing her plots were at least as good as some of the ones she’d read, she created the pseudonym “Dirk Benson” and submitted her stories to “Penny Time Library” with a cover letter claiming she was an assistant working for an author out West who was passing on stories of his life in a dangerous Western town. After she received the first royalty check, she decided to keep writing and has been submitting a story every month.

A few months after her first check arrived, her parents started pressuring her to find a husband and settle down. She tried to comply, but every man who showed up to court her had some flaw that she deemed unacceptable. The first was too gluttonous and she couldn’t bear to watch him eat and eat and eat. The next was a racist. The one after that refused to listen to anything she had to say. And so on. Her parents finally gave up and decided to let Sarah Grace wait to find a man who’d suit her.

Meanwhile the checks kept coming in and Sarah Grace signed them and put them into her account, pretending to be the assistant to the writer she’d made up. As the account grew, she branched out into penny dreadfuls and tentatively began writing relatively tame stories about ghosts and witches. These were successful as well.

A few months later, Sarah Grace began having nightmares that she couldn’t explain. She woke up in a panicked state but couldn’t remember anything. Deciding to cut back on the penny dreadfuls, she hoped it would stop the bad dreams, but it didn’t seem to change anything. She was still fighting with them when her parents both became ill with some kind of inexplicable flu. Their deaths were quick and suddenly Sarah Grace was alone in a town where she knew no one other than a few associates of her parents.

It was an easy decision to pack up her things and move out West. After the funeral, she sold off most of her family’s possessions, only retaining a few keepsakes. She pulled her money out of the bank, packed up her belongings in a small buckboard and was off, eventually finding herself in Denver City, looking for somewhere to stay.

Stories she’s written as Dirk Benson:

The Robber’s Demise (27 installments)

Shoot ‘Em Up Cowboy (22 installments and a sequel of 12)

Cattle Rustler’s Revenge (32 installments)

The Cowboy and His Sweetheart (24 installments and a sequel of 10)

Ghosts I Have Known (12 Installments)

The Witching Hour Midnight (12 Installments)

Gloom and Doom (Currently in Progress - 10 Installments)

The Law of the Wild, Wild West (Currently in Progress - 8 Installments)

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