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Scott Christopher Taggart

Player Info

Player Name: Abbey

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Character Basics

Name: Scott Christopher Taggart

Nickname(s): Topher, Chris, Tag

Rank/Title: Muscle

Actual Age: 34

Age of appearance: Early 20s

Date of Birth: October 4th 1838

Place of Birth: Michigan territories

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: None

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: Sun

Physical Description

Height: 6’3”

Eye Color: Grey/green

Hair Color/Style: Short cropped with slightly longer hair on top he styles to the side

Scott, or Topher as he goes by now, is tall and has the body of a fighter.  He has muscles, but not overly so, and scars everywhere. His hands are worn and usually look dirty.  Under his clothing he has a variety of scars and burns that he has gathered over the years. His face is handsome, but there is something unsettling about his eyes when no one is looking.  They can be cold, but when he’s around others, he usually is warm and friendly.

Clothing: Topher wears comfortable and worn clothing when he is working, but he can suit up when he is in Victoria’s company.  His usual attire is brown trousers, clunky boots, a white collared shirt and a black vest.

Play-By Used: Jensen Ackles


Topher is not the same man he used to be.  10 years of being a wild and violent man will change anyone.  Full of self-loathing that he won’t acknowledge, Topher is a violent and angry man.  He enjoys fighting and getting his hands dirty. He has always had a propensity for violence, but his protective nature has transitioned from his sister to Victoria.  He will protect her with his life, and has committed many less than desirable acts in her name. But while this is his underlying nature, Topher will initially come across as an amiable if dismissive sort. 

He appears carefree and standoffish, masking his guilt with a rough exterior. Mind-altering and torture can only change so much… At his core, it is possible that Scott still exists… Perhaps.

Species: Vampire- former Hunter

Affiliation: Victoria

Blood Preferences: Witch, any

Strengths: Been trained his whole life as a hunter, and now as vampire, knowledgeable in many forms of fighting and weaponry, savage and enjoys fighting, physical strength and speed, very charismatic

Weaknesses: His sister although he denies it, guilt, a lot of his personality has been forced through mental manipulation and torture

Background History

Scott is the son of Jacob and Leonora Taggert.  He was born in the Michigan Territory. Word had spread to the Michigan Council about a blight spreading across the Mexican Territory and that had been enough for his parents.  The Taggarts packed up their modest belongings, two children, and wagon's and headed west.

After arriving there and purchasing a parcel of land, the two hunters set up their modest homestead.  Jake and Nora had worked tirelessly to construct their home and small farm with the aid of the other hunters in the area.  Little Scott and Lillian had helped where they were able, but small hands could only do so much.

They were raised the way all Hunters were, and could survive on their own in the wilderness

before the age of 10.  Both were proficient with a range of weaponry, including firearms, bows, slings, and hand to hand combat. Of course, there were also less spoken about educational lessons that took place, but those were only known about in their own circles.

Disaster struck the small homestead when Scott was 13.  They'd only been in the territory for about two years when a turf squabble between the wolves and the vampires found them.  Known for being both Peace Keeper and Executioner alike, Jake and Nora attempted to subdue the hostilities, leading the other Hunters to intervene.  Unfortunately, there was to be no peaceful resolution. The two factions were too far gone into their blood lust to stop, even with the Taggarts standing between them.

Jake and Leonora met their end that night, but the pain continued.

The morning after the battle, when the sun rose across the blood stained earth, Scott and Lillian faced the realization that they were being abandoned.  With the utter savageness that the Hunters had witnessed in the battle between wolf and vampire, they agreed to leave. To the North, other cities were being settled with shining new railroads.  It was thought that it was better to leave Denver and its failing policies to the wilderness and let them burn themselves out, but how could Scott and Lillian leave this place that their parents had had such hope for?  The children refused to leave.

At 13, Scott was bordering on early manhood.  Still a child, he wasn't as physically capable as a grown man, but as a Hunter he'd been raised mentally to adulthood far earlier than his peers.  As such, he took it upon himself to raise both himself and his sister, and continue on living at the homestead their parents had created. For ten years Scott looked after Lilly, teaching her, feeding her, and was both parent and friend, but on one cold snow filled night, a mystery occurred.  The two had gone to bed, as they had every day for the past 10 years, guns at the ready beside the bed and door, with a warm fire burning in the hearth, but when Lilly woke up the next morning... Scott was gone. There was no sign of where he could have gone. His boots were still beside his bed, as was his gun.  All of the food remained in the larder, and his horse was in the barn. Not even shoe prints in the snow existed to give witness to his departure.

So what happened to him?  Well that night, after they were asleep, 23 year old Scott heard something outside his window.  Going to it, he realized he had forgotten to latch it before turning in. As he reached out to pull the shutter in, something dropped in front of his eyes, grabbing his attention.  Or someone did. A blocky headed man caught his gaze and before he could look away, he was caught in his gaze. Blame his tiredness… So the Hunter was snared. Being grabbed up and out of his window he was taken to the roof where he was enslaved in his mind and then taken away.

The vampire kept a close eye on him, knowing what he was, and brought him quickly to Victoria Bennett.  Scott was viewed favorably by the old vampire and was kept around as one of her ‘pets’ for a time until it became clear that his talents were being wasted.  He was a Hunter. He needed to do it. She turned him into a vampire and he became her student. He went through years of mental alteration and torture to become who he is today.  Her spy and infiltrator. He knows a lot about hunters and used that information to help her cull them whenever they got irritating to her plans.

He excelled at what he is trained to do.  Infiltrate, manipulate and exterminate. He has been molded into her toy and thug.  He works with Mordecai, the same blocky headed vampire that kidnapped him all those years ago.  No longer known as Scott, he became Topher and he has spent the last 10 years of his life becoming the thing that he used to hunt.  A dangerous predator. A monster.

Other: He found out his sister was alive and has kept tabs on her for the last year or two without Victoria being aware.  Something about her… Makes him feel less… Bad. But he doesn’t tell anyone or come around often since he knows that he shouldn’t.  He was told not to. Lilly does not know.


Muscle for Victoria/Killer/Works at a La Belle

Living Situation

Address: Victoria’s farm/nowhere

Lived There Since: 10 years

Lives With: Victoria, Mordecai, her ‘pets’


Black horse named Baby


Likes: Blood, fighting, sex, hunting, Baby

Dislikes: Being hungry, werewolves, hunters

Hobbies: Fighting, playing cards, eating, gambling

Can usually be found: Seedier side of town, La Belle

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Blood

Favorite Drink: Blood

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Whiskey

Favorite Music: He doesn’t listen although he used to like anything with guitars

Favorite Read: He doesn’t read

Some Facts (Optional)

[Smoking:] yes

[Drinks Alcohol:] yes

[Religion:] none

[Worst Habit:] Kills when he eats

[Allergies:] Sun

[Most Common Misconception about him/her:] That he’s got good in there somewhere… Or is it that there is none…?

[Biggest Fear:] Being made to kill his sister

[Weapons]: Curved daggers, firearms, anything he can get his hands on

Random Facts (Optional)

[Most Uttered Phase/Word?] Son of a bitch

[Is Ticklish?] On his sides of you dare

[Most likely to find him/her?] With his horse or drinkin

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