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Silas Randall

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Player Name: Elena

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Character Basics

Name: Silas Randall

Nickname(s): Sy, Randall


Actual Age: 42

Age of appearance: Mid 40s

Date of Birth: May 22, 1825

Place of Birth: Massachusetts

Marital Status: Single, widowed

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Athiest

Chronic Diseases: Chronic pain in the shoulder

Allergies: Dogs, cats

Height: 6’0”

Eye Color: Green/blue

Hair Color/Style: Brown with grays peppered in, short; cuts it if it gets too long or too hot under a hat

Clothing Style: Decent? He doesn’t exactly have a wardrobe. He replaces parts of his clothes when they need to be replaced

Other: He is as fit as can be, has many scars. His skin is rough and tanned from years of travel.

Play-By Used: Michael Fassbender

Species: Human, hunter

Affiliation: Hunter Council in Boston

Strengths: Expert tracker, all around hunter; is patient; not quick to temper; protective over any fellow human

Weaknesses: Sees the world as black and white; monsters are the scum of the earth to him; will not stop until missions are complete


Silas’ lineage comes from England where they were hunters too. He comes from long line of them. They were there during witch trials in Europe, then witch trials in the Americas. They hunted werewolves in Scotland. They hunted vampires in Romania. Not that any species has exclusivity to a country. Silas was born in Massachusettes. His great-greats pushed the witches out and remained there to claim the land as their own.

As Silas grew older, he didn’t want to remain there, however. Hunting had him traveling. He hardly returned home, but he did send letters. He worked with teams, or solo. He met a lady hunter and the two of them hunted together, got married even. Then she died by vampires, so to say that he despises them is an understatement. He's been so close to death so many times that his life mantra is survival. Other than that, there's just death.

Nowadays, he’s mostly solo. His name is prominent within the Hunter Council of Elders in Boston. They sent him to Colorado to investigate the kidnappings and potential, very likely involvement of vampires.

Living Situation

Drifter. He has no living place.



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