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Thomas Blackfoot

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

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Character Basics

Name: Thomas Blackfoot

Nickname(s): Tom

Rank/Title: None

Actual Age: 27

Date of Birth: April 14th, 1855

Place of Birth: Colorado Territory

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: None, spiritual

Chronic Diseases: None

Allergies: None

Physical Description

Height: 5"11"

Eye Color: Dark brown, almost black

Hair Color/Style: His hair is long, touching his shoulders. He often puts it in a half ponytail to get it out of his face.

Other: Tom dresses modestly and simply. He doesn't wear ties, vests, or suits. He sticks to simple slacks and linen shirts most of the time. He has two jackets that he alternates depending on the weather, and a couple of boots: for work and for regular outings. If he doesn't need to wear shoes, he won't.

Play-By Used: Blair Redford


Around people, Tom is quiet and stoic. He'd been mistaken for mute by townspeople before. His face is usually unreadable, and inside he's judging everyone. Few things go unnoticed by him. He's very alert. He doesn't trust people, but also he's very overprotective of his sister Josephine. They've been alone for most of their lives, and they're all each other has. If he's not with her, he likes to be by himself, tending to their small livestock, doing housework, anything with his hands. All he does barefoot, unless he shifts, then he's pawfoot.

In his shifted form, which is usually a dark chocolate lab, he likes to go on long walks, and if he's in town, he people watches. Someone once gave him the name Rover, and while he hates it, people in town have learned not to mess with his sister because of the watchful canine. Most people are probably not even aware that Jo has a brother, for he rarely leaves the homestead in human form.

It's not that Tom is depressive or hateful of the world. He just knows how it works - it's harsh, often unforgivable, and dangerous. His number one priority is to keep his sister and himself safe. Her first, then him. Perhaps part of him is also bitter that they are neither accepted by white folk, nor their fellow natives. That's what happens when you're mixed.

Species: Shifter

Affiliation: none

Strengths: Responsible, diligent, slightly OCD, loyal

Weaknesses: Ridged, has a hard time relaxing, hard time trusting anyone

Background History

Thomas and Josephine were born to an Arapahoe woman and a white traveler named Drake, who stayed with their mother’s tribe for a month or so, trading what he had for food and shelter. However, it wasn’t exactly a relationship, in fact, not at all. Mixed pairings existed, but no one encouraged Drake to take any of the tribal women, nor did anyone think he’d have his eye on the pretty, lithe girl with shining black hair. She was only fifteen.

But once he caught her attention, there was something about him that she couldn't resist. He was different, older, and tried to woo her. He started by teaching her English words, because she didn’t speak it at all unlike some of the older tribe members. She taught him herbal remedies, as that was her interest. They were never really alone together, mostly in the vicinity of others. He would sneak a touch here and there--her hand, her shoulder, her cheek. She would blush, gasp, and lean away, but she liked it.

One day, she took him away from the camp to collect some herbs. She’d gained confidence to be around him alone. It was what he’d wanted, but she also couldn’t deny the feelings he stirred in her. But they didn’t collect the herbs. She was showing him what Feverfew was. It was used in the treatment of fevers and headaches. He hadn’t really cared about it, as it turned out. He’d feigned his interest. His real intent was in being alone with her. When he pushed her to the ground, she realized his true motive. He was taller than her by a foot, and much, much stronger.

She couldn’t overpower him as he pinned her. She’d been a virgin, and he had suspected it.

She didn’t tell anyone because she worried that she’d be scolded for wanting to show him the herbs. A few days later, he packed up and left--without so much as a goodbye. A weight lifted off her shoulders, but she wouldn’t easily forget him. A few months later, she started showing, and she couldn’t hide her belly from her elders. She told her grandmother, who took sympathy, and only wished she’d come to her earlier.

Her grandmother predicted that she’d have twins, and indeed, her belly grew larger than normal. was a difficult pregnancy. She wasn’t shunned by her tribe, but the other members did whisper about her, associated with her less. Really, only her grandmother stood beside her in alliance.

Not only did she predict twins, but she sensed that they would be special. They would have a rare gift, one that wasn’t always passed on through generations. It was a gift that their tribe was wary of but respected. This gift saved the twins from being shunned, for their mother died in childbirth. This had been something that her grandmother did not want to accept when she’d looked into the future, nor had she wanted to scare her granddaughter. Left to raise the twins, their great-grandmother revealed to the rest of the tribe what exactly they were. In her arms was a wrapped bundle of linen. It...moved not like infants moved. It...whimpered, barked. A little tail stuck out. She had two tiny pups in her arms, one a dark brown, and the other a lighter color. The tribe was left stunned. Of course, the babies had turned back into humans shortly later. This was the gift that they’d possessed.

The tribe hadn’t had shifters born in three generations. Whether the gift came from their mother or the white man--it didn’t matter. Although some in the tribe were jealous or weren’t fond of them anyway, the twins were accepted. They were taught the ways of shifters through their great-grandmother and the other elders, through stories and what had been passed down. The most important life lesson was to keep to secrecy, as the white man, and other humans in general, did not see shifters the way the tribe had.

Colorado war… Grandma tells twins to run, they were around 10. She dies. While most of the tribes are pushed out of the territory, the twins survive and remain. When it’s all over, they seek shelter with remaining natives, who warily take them in. They don’t know about their gifts. Instead they judge them for being half white. Thus, the twins are always isolated for the most part. Thus, this continues to present day. They rely on each other.

Other: It’s not that he doesn’t think there’s anything beyond his current life. He just doesn’t think he belongs outside of it, nor can belong. Deep inside, he wants to belong. He feels like he’s stuck to two worlds that won’t accept him or his sister.


Takes care of his homestead, hunts and sells furs.

Living Situation

Address: Homestead about 2 hours from town

Lived There Since:

Lives With: Josephine


On foot, by horse or wagon, or on paws


Likes: Being alone, walking barefoot, being out in the open prairie, making herbal teas, reading

Dislikes: most everybody, going to town, town in general; vampires; drunks; a mess

Hobbies: collecting fossils; herbal remedies; hunting (on paws)

Can usually be found: homestead, out on the prairie; livestock; on four legs

Favorite Color: golden yellow

Favorite Food: rabbit

Favorite Drink: chamomile tea

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Doesn't drink

Favorite Music: the music he remembers from childhood

Some Facts (Optional)

[Smoking:] No

[Drinks Alcohol:] No

[Religion:] Spiritual

[Worst Habit:] being controlling out of worry/fear

[Allergies:] strawberries

[Most Common Misconception about him/her:] That he’s got a stick up his ass, that he can’t chill out

[Biggest Fear:] Something happening to his sister

[Weapons] Claws, beak, etc. Or shotgun

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