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Tony Dryden

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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Character Basics

Name: Anthony Michael Dryden

Nickname(s): Tony

Rank/Title: Sheriff's Deputy

Actual Age: 23

Date of Birth: August 3rd, 1849

Place of Birth: Illinois

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religion: Christian

Chronic Diseases: none

Allergies: None

Physical Description

Height: 5'10

Eye Color: Hazel/blue

Hair Color/Style: Brown. Short, combed proper.

Other: Because his mother is a clothier, Tony dresses sharply, but not to stand out. He has his clothes for work, which are a little roughened, and then nicer clothes for when he's off duty. But really, he's always on duty.

Play-By Used: Taron Egerton


Tony is a good boy. Anyone in town would describe him as pleasant, respectful, law-abiding, and rarely losing his temper. Having to grow up fast after his father died in the Civil War did that to him. He became the man of the house at 14. Although his mother was fully capable, he still felt a responsibility to take care of her. He has a big heart, and is incredibly loyal. But don't mistake kindness for weakness. If someone proves to not be so nice, he won't be either.

He puts 100 percent of himself into any relationship, even though he hasn't had much luck with ladies. It's not that they don't notice him. They do. They fling themselves at him, especially since he's a deputy. He just doesn't like ladies that do that. They cry desperation. He's not desperate, nor would he possibly want to be with a girl who was desperate herself.

He commits himself entirely to his job, for the time being, it's his focus. And with the kidnappings… something is brewing, he can feel it, even if the sheriff isn’t that worried. Tony won't acknowledge it verbally, but there's something strange things happening in the dark.

Species: Human

Affiliation: Sheriff's Department

Strengths: Loyal, believes in doing the right thing; just, good-natured; always wants to make sure people around him are safe and happy

Weaknesses: Can be consumed by his job; his need to solve things can take him onto dangerous paths; can be too trusting

Background History

Tony was born in Northern Illinois where his father was a part of law enforcement. His mother, Dierdre, was a seamstress and dressmaker. The three had a pleasant life until the Civil War. His father Michael went off to fight for the Union. Unfortunately, he never came back and Tony and Dierdre were left alone. She never remarried. Instead, a few years later after the war ended, she took a risk with her son and decided to move west where there were new opportunities. She sold her clothing store, and with that money, opened up a new one in Denver City. They arrived in the fall of 1870 when the new railway was just established and people began to flood into the growing town.

Tony had always wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and became a deputy. He'd been well on his way to becoming one back in Illinois, and prior experience helped him achieve the position quickly. The Drydens became well-liked and respected in the community. Diedre's store gained such popularity, as it bested the others in quality alone, that now she and her son live quite comfortably above the business. They were able to renovate the building quite nicely.

Tony doesn't mind living with his mother. In fact, he prefers it, for he's unmarried anyway. Career-focused, he has no plans to get married any time soon. Even though ladies do throw themselves at him, it only averts him.

He's been focused on solving the kidnappings. Part of him thinks the Sheriff isn't doing enough.


Sheriff’s Deputy

Living Situation

Address: Above Dryden’s Clothier

Lived There Since:

Lives With: Mother Dierdre


Black horse named Speedy


Likes: Waking up early, sunrises and sunsets; having that first cup of coffee; taking a run on his horse across the prairie

Dislikes: liars, cheaters, those who don’t generally follow the law; drunks; general disrespect (against race or gender)

Hobbies: Tony’s life is being a deputy, but he can draw; if he has time, he’ll sketch away in a small sketchbook he carries

Can usually be found: Honestly anywhere around town, his mom’s shop, anywhere in the county

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Fresh bread with butter and some salted pork

Favorite Drink: Apple juice

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: None

Favorite Music: He enjoys anything on the guitar or piano

Favorite Read: Newspaper

Some Facts (Optional)

[Smoking:] Nope

[Drinks Alcohol:] Rarely

[Religion:] Christian

[Worst Habit:] Could be too nice

[Allergies:] Hay

[Most Common Misconception about him/her:] Nice means weak; he just gives most people the benefit of the doubt

[Biggest Fear:] Something happening to his mama

[Weapons] Gun

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