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Victoria Bennett

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

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Name: Victoria Bennett

Nickname(s): N/A

Rank/Title: Council Member

Actual Age: 723

Age of appearance: 62

Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1149

Place of Birth: Somerset, England

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Religion: Atheist

Chronic Diseases: Vampirism

Allergies: N/A

Height: 5'-4"

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Hair Color/Style: Platinum white that ends just above her shoulders, however, it most often pulled up into an elegant coif.  

Clothing Style:  Sophisticated and never less than her very best.  She tends to wear rich colors and creams though is not above wearing stark colors such as black to make an impression. Having been turned later in life than most, Victoria holds herself with an experienced elegance not possessed by most.  She has a unique talent for being able to look down her nose at others, regardless of how tall they may or may not be.  She is a delicate creature, tiny at the waist and wrist almost like a bird, but the sharpness in her gaze eliminates any feeling of weakness from her.  Her lips are oftentimes held slightly pursed as though she is in a constant judgmental state, one in which she dares people to second guess or displease her.

Play-By Used: Helen Mirren

Outside of perfection, there is little else Victoria expects; except of course total and absolute obedience.  She may not be a Queen in the Vampire Order but certainly considers herself one.  There is very little in the world she values more than herself and it shows.  She does not view herself as beholden to the order and is more than willing to coerce and win the members of the order to get what she wants.

Because of this entitled aura she surrounds herself with, she has the touch of the hoarder to her.  If she sees something she wants, she takes it.  It is through these impulses that she has been able to accomplish so much.  Nothing stands between her object of affection and her.  Victoria is more than willing to smash, obliterate, and eviscerate anything that gets in her way.

With the knowledge of manipulation being one of her best tools, Victoria has a mind for strategy.  Losing is not something she handles well, though on the very few occasions it has happened, she's taken it in stride after an initial blow out and carried on with her plans.  There is only one way of life with Victoria: Her way.

Species: Vampire

Affiliation: Council Member, The Vineyard

Blood Preferences: O +/-

Strengths:  Manipulation, Strategy, Multitasking, spy network

Weaknesses: Ego, disdain for anything she sees as beneath her, an inability to let go, physically for a vampire she should be stronger for someone of her age however she is still incredibly strong.

Victoria's beginning was that of a daughter to a sheep farmer, an ignoble start to be sure.  The family was located in a southern county of England called Somerset, a place mostly known for it's farming and the city of Bath.

Victoria went through her childhood yeasts as most common young women of the time did.  She worked with her mother to take of their small farm and family.  From before sun up to long after sundown, the young woman toiled.  At that time, education for women was not a precedent, and because she knew little else, it wasn't a desire for her.  Rather, trying to stay as useful to the family as she could so that she wouldn't be married off to be someone else's mouth to feed was.  Unlike many young women, Victoria had no desire to be a wife and mother.  Babies were messy.  Husbands were messy, and when you surrounded your life with messy things, it wasn't possible for life to be clean.  More than anything, she wanted to leave, and not look back.  Surely there was more to life than bearing squawking babes and toiling away in a house?

It was a pipe dream.  By the time she was 16, she'd been married off to a neighboring farm's young son.  That marriage had only lasted two years with no children produced before he died from a farming accident.  Because she was only 18, her father had once again been able to marry her off fairly quickly, but when that husband sickened and died 6 months after the wedding and Victoria still had not gotten pregnant, no man would have her.  The only thing left was to get her a job as a maid in a local Lord's home.

As the years went by, Victoria learned to read and write. This was aided by a dalliance with a butler who had a surprising amount of patience for a woman who had only a self-taught education.  She rose in the ranks as her skills increased and her need for perfection became realized and appreciated.  By the time she was forty, she was leading not only the maids but the kitchen staff as well.

There was plenty of fire left in those old bones, and it never dimmed, even as she got older.  Time had hardened her.  It made her realize just how much she had lived for other people instead of herself.  It was this fire that caught the eye of a visiting Lord.

The entire household was atwitter with gossip and excitement.  It was thought that such a handsome and single young Lord had come to choose between the Lord of the house's two daughters.  After all, there was little other reason for him to stay, but naturally, he had other reasons, and ones he kept to himself.

Victoria might have been pushing her 60's, but she had just as much strength and fire as the ladies of the household that were half her age.  Full of piss and vinegar, and that's what he wanted.  He didn't want a wilting flower to bend at his every wish, he wanted a woman who could rival his passions and challenge him to greater heights.  Who cared if she looked to be twice his age.  In actuality, he was almost five times hers!

It was slow-going at first.  He visited from time to time, and with each visit pushed himself closer to her.  Each time she rejected him.  Her work was her life, it was all she had and he was so young!  But there was something different about him, something seductive that she hadn't seen in any other man or woman before.  After months of his visits, she gave into him, and like a moth to a flame, she burned. He stole her away, ignoring the looks passed their way.  For two years, they enjoyed each other, until she got sick.  A cough had attacked her lungs until blood began to accompanying the spasms, but she wasn't ready to go.  She'd only just discovered what life could be, and she didn't want to leave it.

It took little convincing for him to turn her.  She'd brought a light to his darkened world and wasn't about to lose her because of some paltry human wasting sickness.  After turning her, the pair spent their time building their fortunes.  For five hundred years, they spent their time roaming the English and Scottish countrysides, exploring Africa and whatever else struck their fancy, but Victoria grew bored with their same old lands.  America was a new world, and one she wanted to see.  They had agreed that she would go first so that he could take care of some unfinished business and then meet her there, but it was not to be.

While Victoria went to America, her Lord was slain, first starved and weakened, and then beheaded by hunters who had followed their path of destruction across Europe.  It changed Victoria, losing both her maker and her mate like that.  It made her bitter and cynical.  It opened her mind once more that if you wanted something out of life, you had to take it, and so she did.

She wanted the life of comfort she'd never experienced growing up, and so she moved out west to what was now called Colorado Territory and created her estate.  At first, it started out with a small group of humans to date her, but eventually grew as time went on.  Out in the middle of the Mountains, no one bothered her and her little farm.

As more vampires came to the states, they became interested in her farm and began investing in it with her.  Soon enough, she had collected many "fine wines" and vintages.  They had become her pets and her source of sustenance and income.

Likes: "pets", taking long baths, perfumes, clean lines, painting, modern design, fine art

Dislikes: antiques, clutter, ineptitude, contemporary and cubism artwork

Hobbies: chess, art history

Can usually be found: Her farm, the mountains, sometimes Denver City and other towns

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Music: Classical

Favorite Read: Voltaire

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