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Zedekiah Clark

Player Info

Player Name: Jeanne Cupertino

Player E-Mail:

Character Basics

Name: Zedekiah Clark

Nickname(s): Zed, Clark

Rank/Title: None

Actual Age: Approximately 42

Age of appearance: 42

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Watkinsville, GA

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Zed doesn’t have a word for it, but he doesn’t particularly care about gender.

Religion: Nominally raised Christian

Chronic Diseases: None

Allergies: None

Physical Description

Height: 6’2”

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color/Style: Black hair, very tight curls and kept cropped short.

Other: Zed takes a quiet pleasure in wearing well-made, well-fitted clothing, though he doesn’t go in for fancy dress. It’s rare to see him in anything less than shirtsleeves.

Play-By Used: Idris Elba


Zed is quiet and methodical, and will work a job until it’s done. When he’s hired, his employers know that he’s going to earn every greenback they pay him. He doesn’t typically display much of a sense of humor, or smile much. That would make him more approachable, and he doesn’t go in for that.

He’s not easily intimidated - he’s seen some weird shit out there. He’s not particularly curious about any of it. Zed is more concerned about getting enough savings together to settle down somewhere and retire.

Species: Human

Affiliation: None

Strengths: Zed is calm and clear headed, even when under fire. He’s also a damned good shot. He wouldn’t have survived this long otherwise. He’s infinitely patient, aware that it sometimes takes playing the long game to corner his prey.

Weaknesses: Zed is only human, and subject to the same limitations as the rest of his species. He’s not good about staying silent when he perceives an injustice. He’s driven to do something to help.

Background History

Zedekiah was born to slavery and toiled for his master as soon as he was old enough to scrub floors. When he was ten, Zed and his mother were bartered to repay gambling debts. Much to Zed’s surprise, his new master, George Clark, didn’t put him to work in the fields. Instead, Zed and his mother were moved to Illinois where their master freed them. His mother earned a wage for the first time in her life, and Zed began receiving an education.

Over time, Zed began to regard Clark as a surrogate father, as odd as it was. Due to Clark’s influence, Zed learned how to shoot and hunt, and that is how he contributed to the household. Still, Zed’s status as a free man did not protect him from discrimination. Though the State of Illinois had outlawed slavery in 1848, it was not uncommon for Zed to be on the receiving end of hateful behavior.

As he grew to adulthood, Zed transitioned to hunting criminals. Eventually, he received an offer to work for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. When the country descended into Civil War, Zed helped to spy on the Confederacy through the secret intelligence service that Allan Pinkerton set up for General George B. McClellan’s Army of the Potomac. He may have been lucky enough to have spent most of his life as a free man, but he couldn’t stand idly by and ignore that other Africans remain enslaved.

After the Civil War drew to an end, Zed continued his work with the Pinkertons, this time traveling the extent of the frontier at the behest of express companies and railroads. Currently, he’s looking to finally retire from the Pinkertons - he’s tired and wants a quiet plot of land that’s his own.


Pinkerton Agent

Living Situation: Nothing permanent at the moment


Lived There Since:

Lives With:


Walks, or rides his horse, Ennis.


Likes: Chicory coffee, beignets, whiskey, well-made clothing, any day that he wakes up and sees the sunrise, reading, cleaning his gun

Dislikes: Bigotry, ignorance, wasted food

Hobbies: Reading

Can usually be found: Wherever work takes him

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Zed is used to eating whatever is available.

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Whiskey

Favorite Music: No real preference

Favorite Read: Zed will read whatever he gets his hands on

Some Facts (Optional)

[Smoking:] No

[Drinks Alcohol:] Yes

[Religion:] Exposed to Christianity, but not religious or faithful.

[Worst Habit:] Ignoring his own injuries in favor of continuing to hunt down his man.

[Allergies:] None

[Most Common Misconception about him/her:] That his silence means that he’s stupid.

[Biggest Fear:] Killing an innocent bystander

[Weapons:] Burnside Carbine, .44 caliber Remington Model 1858

Random Facts (Optional)

[Tends to Always?] Stay silent until he’s learned enough to develop an informed opinion.

[Is Ticklish?] Try to find out and he’ll break your hand.

[Oddest Thing?] Refuses to go shirtless.

[Most likely to find him/her?] Reading a book

[Knows he's/she's really sorry if?] He brings food

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