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The Denver Star


March 1872



Yet more heinous kidnappings have befallen our fair town and its environs, committed by an unknown foul scourge. The Sheriff’s department is hard at work at finding these culprits and is thoroughly conducting their investigations.

     So far, the victims have been: Evelyn Jones, school teacher;  Emma Lee Grey, seamstress at Dryden's Clothier; Sarah Grace Ambrewster, a newcomer in town; Leonora Rheinhart, a resident from outside Denver. 

     Good Citizens of Denver City and beyond, bar your doors, keep far from the highway, cover the heads of your children—for these kidnappers may be anywhere! If you have any information as to the identities of them, report it at once to the Sheriff and his Deputies, that they may bring to the hell this bane, these True Demons of Society!


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