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Vampire Hierarchy  

  • Each country is ruled by a vampire King, or a high ranking monarch with equivalent names such as: King, Raja, Khan, Malik, Sultan, Kaiser, etc.

    • Most of all of them have female counterparts.

    • In most English speaking countries, the sovereign vampire leader is called a King.

  • Beneath the King, there are Dukes. Most Dukes govern one state, although some may have two or three. There are also Dukes of territories.

  • Beneath Dukes, there are Barons, who have more than two counties. If he or she has up to seven counties to reign over, beneath he or she will have seven Lairds, who will report to him or her.

  • So beneath Barons, there are Lairds, who govern these individual counties and report to his or her Baron. A Laird may not govern more than one county.

    • The name Laird is the Scottish equivalent to Lord, a term that has been adopted by vampire ranking system. 

    • The Laird has his or her own subjects, who are usually right hands, backups, and are called by different names. 

  • The Council provides another voice, a counterbalancing influence, ensuring that political power is not concentrated in the hands of the King. 

    • While the King cannot be in many places at once, the council is a lot more mobile, usually splitting efforts among its members between parts of the country, and congregating in times of need.

    • There are six council members.  

    • Each has different specific, contributing roles and duties.

  • The Enforcer enforces the law, roots out subversives and heretics to uphold the common vampire good. 

    • There is either one or more enforcer in each county.

  • Nests

    • Joining or belonging to a nest is not mandatory for vampires. However, vampires seeking non-related families can form nests to strengthen their senses of loyalty or belonging.


Note: Since territories are not yet states, there are few lairds (since fewer civilians). Mostly, there are barons who control multiple counties.

Goals of the Vampire Rule 
  • First and foremost, the protection of the Vampire people, whether it be against Humans or other supernatural species.

  • Preservation of Vampire history.

  • Leadership.

  • Ensuring domestic tranquility.

  • Providing for the common defense.

  • Promoting the general welfare.

  • Securing the blessings of liberty to vampires and their posterity.

  • Securing unity.

Members of Vampire Rule in the United States

Queen - Iovita Moraitis



Duke of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming TerritoriesArnaud d'Aubigné

Resides in Wyoming



Baron of Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson CountiesNikolai Orlov

Resides in Denver City


Lairds - None for the time being



Enforcer of Arapahoe CountyCraic



Counsel Members - Open position upon the approval of the Mods

1. Eve Maitland

2. Victoria Bennett




6 .


While Vampire territories overlap those of other species, their lands are outlined and ruled over mostly for their own vampire population and government. Generally, vampires keep out of other species' turfs, and most congregate closer to other vampires. 

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