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Events so far...

Denver City has been a relatively uneventful town until the kidnappings started to happen in-game in March, 1872. It took no time for murders to happen as well. Local Sheriff's deputies could not explain the strange beast-like wounds on victims, let alone could figure out where people had been disappearing to. 

Some new arrivals to town were aware of the dark events. Others were completely oblivious. Hunters have been drawn in to solve the cases, as well as human law members. After all, the news took no time reporting the missing persons and deaths.

The town's vampire authority have become increasingly wary, suspecting some of their own to be behind the kidnappings and murders. But without concrete proof, there is yet to apprehend anyone. Meanwhile, tensions between the vampire authority and the local werewolf pack have mounted. The Truce between the species, which had been agreed upon two years prior, is on thin ice. Especially when some of the Pack's own members are kidnapped. 

The Truth: The vampire Duke of Colorado Territory is hiding a blood vineyard with his accomplice Victoria Bennett. Both are very old vampires who are stuck in the old ways, believing not only that humans are food, but that other species are there to be controlled and conqured by the likes of them. The vineyard is hidden deep in the mountains past Denver. They have minions doing their dirty work. The more brazen that the Duke and Victoria become, the more certain that Denver's vampire authority becomes in believing that it is the two of them to blame for the spilled blood and taken innocents.

Unlikely alliances will have to form in order to save the kidnapped and to avenge the fallen. 

But these aren't the only events that Denver might face in the future, for there is something about the city that lures in the supernatural, both good and bad. Some say that it's something about the land. Lei lines, perhaps. Or something that the native people have spoken about for generations. Maybe it's the idea of "a land of opportunity," for not only humans have the desire for freedom and new possibilities. 

Other forces might move into town. Current supernatural politics might shift. Positions of powers might be taken away. And in the middle of it all, more humans might be pulled into this secret under belly, changing their lives forever. 

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